Xtremepush – The Future of US In-Play Sports Betting?

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There’s been progress in the legalization of sports betting in the United States.

In-play betting is the fast-growing segment in the US and it’s vital for many reasons.

It retains players and grows revenues for sportsbooks online. That’s important since the US sports betting market is getting more and more competitive.

Xtremepush is a new company that wants to make things better. Both for the sportsbooks and for sports-mad fans of in-play-sports betting.

Its services should benefit everyone. It’s no wonder that they are growing fast. The key for in-play sports betting to be successful is that it needs to be engaging.

To that end, Xtremepush wants to get in touch with the players at key periods.

US In-Play Sports Betting Opportunities

It’s quite simple in reality. For major leagues like the NBA or the NFL, fans place their bets during half-time.

That’s when the game stops for a major break. Bettors often like to back the underdog to make a comeback.

Or even the favorite to make a comeback. That’s to say if the team suffers an early setback.

For the NHL, bets occur mainly between periods. That’s innings for the MLB and it makes perfect sense.

These aren’t just advertising breaks. Instead, they are breaks in which players have enough time.

So they can check their smartphones and log into their online sportsbook accounts. Then, they can have a look at the odds and perhaps place an in-play bet.

That’s where Xtremepush wants to come in and give players a lot of offers. And give them the stats and info they need to make decisions.

The stoppage times that are unscheduled are too short for that. In a way, major leagues have always had the ideal structure. Bettors place their bets in advance and they are comfortably long.

Xtremepush aims to process all the available data quickly and get them to the players. Alongside messages that will keep them up to date.

Staying Flexible

That’s to give players a real-time picture of things, even if they can’t watch the game on their own.

This needs powerful technology, but Xtremepush’s CEO is hopeful that his company will make it possible.

Alongside that comes dynamic content. That’s where Xtremepush can also work for both online sportsbooks and sports betting fans.

There are many scenarios with which the company can help. For example, they want to make it easy for new sports bettors to place an in-play bet.

By simplifying the verification and deposit process. The reason for this is to make the live bets easier.

The kicker is that Xtremepush is building a very flexible platform. That means they want to be able to keep players in the picture for almost everything.

They also want to be able to contact them via many channels. That’s why they call themselves a multichannel digital engagement platform.

Fancy words, but the core is solid. Xtremepush can get in touch with players via e-mail, mobile apps, text messages, web browsers, and even social messengers.

That’s a wide range of options that operators can utilize. They can adjust everything to their needs. So far, Xtremepush already has a couple of sportsbooks on board.

This is both internationally and in the United States. In the United States, its current clients include Oregon State Lottery, Penn International Gaming, Piping Rock, and PlayUp.

With such a line-up, more is sure to come in the near future. Especially now that they’re legalizing online sports betting in more and more US states.

New York looks like it’s next in line in its hunt to catch up with New Jersey.


Xtremepush can bring a lot of new ideas to US in-play sports betting. Thanks to its services, sports betting fans will get a better live betting experience.

Xtremepush will forge new partnerships with many online sportsbooks.

That’s because they will see it as an opportunity to engage bettors in the game.

Some might even want to use the cross-promotional capabilities of Xtremepush. That would be to market casino games when possible.

Xtremepush aims to personalize and tailor the experience as much as possible. They want to establish player profiles to be able to deliver customized messages.

If you prefer to bet on the NFL, you’d only receive NFL-related info. As the company’s CEO points out.

The bettors most likely to place an in-play bet on a game. They are the ones that show interest in the game itself.