What Percentage Win Should I Go For When I Bet on Sports?

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Before we get into the specifics of beating a casino game online. We always try and hammer down our win odds and our goals.

The sharps or the VIP sportsbook bettors online go for 60%. While the average bettor will settle for 50%, perhaps even less. Then again many bettors will be happy to just show a profit.

When you bet on sports at the best USA sportsbooks online, which percentage should you shoot for? The ultimate goal of betting on sports is to win it big, not so?

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Must I Try to Win 60% or 50%?

Say you win 55% of your bets. That’s to say if you make 100 bets each worth $100 at -110, you’ll win $550. What will happen if you win 2 out of 3 of the bets you’ve made? Some bettors might thank that’s a lot of cash right there but it’s not.

Let’s put it this way, winning 67% of your bets might not be the way to go. If you’re thinking, hey hang on for a second, that’s good! What do you mean? In short, if you identify bets that 67%. Moreover, you can identify bets of 60% and 55%. Do you want to bet five 67% bets, or do you want to bet five 67% bets plus 55% bets?

Keep in mind, that the 55% lowers your overall betting percentage, but it makes you more money. Once again the question that surfaces is, what percentage should you go for? Whatever winning percentage you bag that’s good for you.

If you ever run into a bettor that wins 60% of his bets; ask him why doesn’t he bet 55% of his winners.

What Sportsbooks Offer You

The top sportsbooks online want to offer live bettors at least 3 markets on each game. Some sportsbooks want you to bet on the first half, second half. Or just the first quarter.

Perhaps they want to you place your bets on totals or alternative spreads. Maybe you know a basketball team that deliberately loses the opening tipoff of a game. In other words, it could be for strategic reasons.

Before you place your bets online you must know the odds against you. Hence the reason we asked you what winning percentage you’re comfortable with. Another thing you should be aware of when it comes to betting on sports is derivatives.

Especially in the NBA and NFL sports betting because they price their bets in first half markets. When market markets take action they move the line. Therefore, if the first half’s line looks circumspect to you, there’s a good reason for it.

Moreover, if a derivative looks ‘off’; rather bet on it at a soft book as opposed to a sharper retail book.

How Do I Know I’m Winning?

It all boils down to this question, do you agree? Ask yourself this, am I good enough, and I’m using the correct betting system?

However, the stark reality is not always winning, but winning on average. That’s the difference between the two.

On the whole, sports betting is a multiplayer game. If you’re not betting you can’t win money. Before you place your bets. Get in there with low stakes first and write down the betting strategy you used.

Further, we place winning bets into two categories. You win because either you have more experience than the other bettors. Or, you have better knowledge of a game and you know how to use it.

Chasing streak means that you have more market info; you can see the line at the market maker. Make no mistake you don’t have to scoop the entire market, a fraction of it will do.

However, your ability to piece the pieces together could be better than your opponents. You see things they don’t.

How To Make a Profit Consistently

There are plenty of Sally’s and Joe’s out there. The mistake they make is that they place their bets at retail sportsbooks.

The problem with retail sportsbooks is that their business model is to make a profit. Basically, sports betting sites capitalize on the mistakes bettors make.

The best bettors at sportsbooks know how to analyze the data. They visit social media sites like Twitter if there is any breaking news. More importantly, their ability to piece all the data together is phenomenal.

We conclude this piece with, what percentage win should I go for when I bet on sports? That’s entirely up to you. Let’s forget about the semantics here for a minute.

Focus on why you’re playing. Are you a casual bettor or are you betting to win money? If you’re the former, you can work on a small profit of 10% to 20%. If you’re a regular bettor, try and win 50% of your bets. Last but certainly not least, respect your opponents in this game.