What Are the Most Common Online Casino Scams?

online casino scams
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Online casino scams have always existed and they will always exist. There’s so much money in online casinos, scammers often pose as the real deal. So what are the most common online casino scams?

Missing Casino Licenses

The most basic casino scam is an online casino without an official license. Licensing bodies award licenses to casinos who pay for them legitimately.

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The best US online casinos at Sportbookcasinos.com have an official license. Casino licenses are there to show that an independent body keeps a watchful eye over the casino’s operations.

Therefore, a licensing body ensures regular software audits. Moreover, there’s a body you can turn to for unresolved disputes. It’s no wonder then, that most online casino scams start with a missing license.

No online casino scam would be able to stand up to the scrutiny of a licensing body. Be vigilant for the licensing info. If you don’t know where to find the casino’s license info. It’s in the form of a badge at the footer of the casino’s website. When you click on the license it shows the casino’s license number.

As well as the jurisdiction is has a license in. US online casinos have licenses in Curacao, Panama, and Costa Rica.

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Misleading Casino Advertisements

Fake ads have been part of online casino scams forever. This will never change and it is as simple as you’d expect it to be. There will be an ad claiming one thing and the reality will be different in all kinds of way.

This can include claims about bonuses, claims about online casino games, and even claims about the casino itself.

We’ve seen online casino scams claiming to be trustworthy online casinos. Furthermore, we’ve seen online casino scams advertising bonuses that were never on offer. In order to see if the ad is trustworthy or fake.

Go to the casino’s website and read the bonus terms. Sometimes the bonus terms are too good to be true. Or, they’re simply just outrageous. In other words, it’s almost impossible to clear the WR attached to a bonus.

If there’s anything that doesn’t match it should raise a red flag. Trustworthy online casinos always make sure that their advertising matches what’s on offer. There might be some minor discrepancies, but that’s about it as far as the best US online casinos are concerned.



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Bogus Bonuses and Promotions

Bogus online casino bonuses and promotions are another common online casino scam. It can appear at both regular and rogue online casinos, though in different forms.

At dodgy online casinos, it’s simple. You’ll receive promises of big bonuses and you might even get the bonus money in your account.

Rogue online casinos can even triple or quadruple your first deposit without any issues. One of two things will happen then, however. You’ll either have to face draconian terms and conditions that you won’t ever be able to fulfill. Worst case scenario, the casno won’t clear your withdrawal.

At regular online casinos that want to scam you a little bit without being completely shady. You can sometimes find bonuses and promotions with tricky terms and conditions. For example, the wagering requirements might apply only to a few casino games that you don’t like. This means that you’ll have trouble fulfilling them.

You’ll end up without any bonus money at the end of the day. This is why you should always read the bonus terms and conditions before accepting anything; even at online casinos that are otherwise trustworthy.

Make sure that you fulfill the wagering requirements. If a bonus doesn’t look good for some reason. Stay away and look elsewhere – there’s no shortage of US online casinos with great first deposit bonuses!

Online Casino Games Aren’t Safe

Unaudited online casino games are one of the most complex online casino scams. This means that they don’t appear often, as they require a lot of work from the scammers. They need to get the games, rig them and then set them up in their online casinos or websites.

Basically, the software scam online casinos use is bogus and they don’t exist. They look exactly as trustworthy online casino games, but the devil is in the detail. The RNGs (random number generators) in audited online casino games seldom offer a payout.

This means that you won’t be winning as often as you should. You’ll still get some payouts now and then. At the end of the day, your bankroll will be much smaller than it should be.

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to confirm that an online casino rigs its games. Testing requires either access to the code itself or doing a lot of hard work.

That’s why licenses are there to ensure that the RNGs of the games receive regular audits. So that players can trust the online casinos they’re playing at. Online casino scams don’t play by the rules, though, and they won’t have their games audited no matter what.

Fake Banking

Fake banking is the most crucial component of all online casino scams. It’s always present and it’s typically present in addition to all the other ones. It can be the only problem with an online casino, though. Fake banking means, in essence, that you’ll never get an honest procedure regarding withdrawals and payouts.

Online casino scams rely on you giving them your money. This means that deposits work just fine in online casino scams. You can usually deposit via a lot of payment methods at rogue online casinos, including credit cards and bank wires.

The payout section of online casino scams typically looks okay at first glance. You can choose any payment method you want and even enter the amount you’d like to withdraw. That’s where things will take a turn for the worse, however, and there will be silence from then on.

Some rogue online casinos handle fake banking by stalling the procedure for as long as possible. They’ll continue to request various documents. Your withdrawal request will just hang and they’ll never reply to your emails. What you won’t get, however, is your money.

In other online scams, however, you’ll never get any contact no matter how hard you try. You can try your luck at online watchdogs, licensing bodies. That’s if the online casino has an official license.

Final Word

There are many different online scams that you can encounter at online casinos and in the online gaming industry.

You can get missing licenses, fake ads, bogus bonuses, and even unaudited online casino games. All those bits are online casino scams on their own, but each online casino scam ultimately ends with fake banking.

Deposits are fine, however, the problems start when you win money and you want to cash it out. If you run into an online casino scam and you can’t get your money back.

You can take your case to an independent body. Unfortunately, don’t expect much. Always be on the lookout for all the telltale signs of an online casino scam.