Three Winning College Football Betting Strategies

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College Football is a complex sport that mirrors its big NFL brother. Betting on college football at online sportsbooks is slightly different than betting on the NFL. The betting strategy you need to apply to get the best results is different too. We discuss the three winning college football betting strategies that will stand you in good stead.

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Betting on Coaches

If you do your research about college football. You’ll know it is difficult to get the right information about the various teams and players. The sheer volume of data is just too big to handle. So what about focusing on the coaches instead of the players? It’s a legitimate approach and one that you can use multiple seasons.

Coaches typically stay in the game for many years and sharpen their tactics in the same way as players. When we look at the different strategies coaches use, such as covering spreads, defending, and attacking. They provide some fascinating data that you can use during the season.

You can use it for several seasons. Knowing how the different coaches work can give an edge over the competition, as the sportsbooks seldom cover them. It would help if you were careful with this tactic since it requires knowledge about the betting teams.

Avoid Popular Matches

The next winning college football betting strategy doesn’t attract a lot of attention. There’s a very similar NFL betting strategy to work with, and you might’ve already heard about it. Still, college football makes the scope even friendlier due to the difference between big matches and not-so-popular ones. There are way more unimportant matches in college football than there are in the NFL. Therefore, you can apply the strategy on a broader basis.

The number of college matches on offer each week is so significant that the sportsbooks can’t analyze all of them. Therefore, what they do is they focus on the important games. They expect to get a lot of bets while allowing the broader market to shape the odds. That said, the early odds for certain matches can be inaccurate. As a result, so they’re an excellent opportunity for you to pounce on.

Betting on spreads is your best friend concerning this strategy. That’s if you apply it correctly, it can lead to a few moneyline bets with excellent odds. It’s pretty standard for the sportsbooks to identify the favorites of specific matches wrongly.

Focus on Lesser Teams

The third and final college football betting strategy has a lot in common with the second one. It’s similar to the betting strategy tennis bettors use to conserve time and energy. Bettors only focus on a few teams instead.

Now, this might sound straightforward. But, the twist is that you should focus only on the lesser teams while ignoring all the mainstream ones. Getting info about those teams is naturally harder. Because the best bettors don’t share their tips with anyone. Therefore, it’s a 50/50 situation for you and the sportsbooks.

Importantly, the sportsbooks have to price up so many matches. They don’t always have the time to research the lesser teams. Besides, it gives you ample opportunity to exploit. Which teams are important? Ideally, try and find a team that few bettors know about, and bet on it. The former part gives you an edge over the sportsbooks and the rest of the field. The latter part helps you to use that edge and translate it into profits.

Final Word

The three winning college football strategies we’ve discussed provide a good foundation for your college football betting journey. However, it helps when you do research, which allows you to formulate a betting strategy.