No Betting On Sundays, Stats and Other Gambling Laws

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It’s no secret that the online gambling laws in the United States can be whack. In other words, a pain in the neck.

Especially, in states where gambling at casinos are big. Some of them arbitrary whilst some are weird. Let’s check them out.

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Women and Wagering

Many stereotypes will point out that betting is predominantly a man’s game. Well, the recent figures indicate that all that is changing.

A new report shows that more women signed up at the best US sportsbooks online than men. More then 4.6 million women joined the country’s growing mobile betting sites.

Despite the higher growth rate women still bet significantly less than men on sports. It’s still pretty much a man’s game. But, the ladies are catching up, and fast.

Weird Gambling US Laws

It took a while for the federal government to pass a law on a state-by-state basis. Luckily Americans can now play at the favorite online casinos. Yet, it wasn’t always like that.

Kentucky has a gambling law in place it calls the Loss Recovery Act. If a gamblers loses $5 or more while gambling, the gambling can sue to recover his losses.

Technically speaking, the player can sue for up to three times the loss. Moreover, it gets even weirder.

If the players does not file suite with six months, then anyone can sue the winner. Well, that sounds downright crazy.

The law was enacted in 1942 to deter locals from violating the state’s laws on gambling. Let’s take a closer look at a few other odd gambling laws in the States.


The first thing that comes to mind when we hear Alabama is Forest Gump. It’s the place where he grew up.

Even though the US state has many casinos, a strange law remains on the criminal code with regard to gambling.

It’s illegal to hunt, race, play cards or even dominoes on a Sunday. This antiquated blue law’s main purpose was to keep Sunday a holy day.

Any person that violates this law will face a fine up to $100. Furthermore, many US states imposed this law on gambling. The Alabama rule does not apply to casino gaming.

New Jersey

New Jersey was one of the first states in the US that permitted Americans to play at online casinos.

Needless to say, the Garden state is also the leader in online casinos and live casinos. Gamblers can play any casino game to their heart’s desire.

The state also led the fight to allow legalized sports betting at top online sportsbooks. US bettors can bet on any sport providing they live in the Nevada.

The state also makes provision for horse racing at Meadowlands and Monmouth Park.

Interestingly, betting on greyhounds is completely against the law. With the exception of sledge racing but bets are a no-no.

West Virginia

The Mountain state has a bunch of laws where gambling can occur. The law gets even more wackier.

A hotel or tavern is one of the areas that prohibits any form of gambling. Perhaps it’s a good thing West Virginia does not have any tavern outhouses anymore.

Don’t even think about playing poker because anyone who does will have to cough up a $100 fine.

Online Poker Growth in Michigan

Online poker is arguably the most popular casino game in the United States. Thanks to events like the WSOP.

Michigan joined the state’s interstate compact. US online poker operators can now combine player pools with Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and Michigan.

Shared liquidity means that online casino operators can grow the game of poker in the US. Moreover, smaller states that don’t have the means can now join the bigger states.

Basically, as long as the states collude residents can legally play poker across state lines. Over the past few years the American online poker market really took off.

We’re seeing numbers we’ve never seen before. As sports betting and online gambling continue to grow, hopefully online poker follows suit.

Online Sportsbooks Revenue New York

Online sportsbooks in New York generated more than $157 million in taxable revenue. That’s more than that of Pennsylvania.

In fact, the state of New York has been offering legal mobile wagering since January 2022. The state signed up six online sportsbooks to date.

Only New Jersey, Nevada and Illinois generated more revenue in online sportsbook bets. As long as the NBA, golf and the NFL are there bettors will continue to place their bets.

An insider said he’s seeing some eye-popping numbers so far which is very encouraging. Football remains “king” among bettors since they’re active during major events.

More importantly, the average number for online sportsbook bets per day is $52.8 million. How about that, come on in.

What About Maine?

Another US state that has legalized sports betting in pipeline is Maine. The bill is already on the desk of Gov. Mills’ desk.

Under the new laws the states Indian tribes will have exclusivity on the states mobile sportsbooks wagering.

When the new legislation becomes law Maine will become the 32nd US state that has legalized sports betting.