Online Sportsbooks Smash Records

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Online sportsbooks continue to smash records for the month of September 2022. We’re happy to report that the pandemic blues are a thing of the past.

Beyond the NFL, dozens of sports teams linked up with online sportsbooks by venturing into the world of “sports entertainment”.

Needless to say, sports betting sites now engage with their passionate fans like never before.

Legalized sports gambling is expanding into fresh nooks of the USA becoming more mainstream by the day.

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It’s a Billion Dollar Sports Betting Business

The best online sportsbooks that welcome Americans turn in a tidy profit every year. We’re talking about top sportsbook operators such as MYBookie, Bovada, and BetOnline.

The growth in online casino gaming has been off the charts. Which begs the question, why the bumper harvest all of a sudden?

Many sportsbooks now have Casino and Live Dealer Casinos as part of their sites. They also team up with a variety of online casino software providers that offer plenty of casino games.

Sports bettors can take a break from sports by playing slots for real money or playing live dealer blackjack.

Not to mention the fact that bettors can withdraw their sports book winnings instantly with Bitcoin.

Therefore, unlike in the past, online sportsbooks focus more on variety than on anything else.

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Tons of Sports Betting for Real Money

Americans can now place their bets on the NFL, tennis, fantasy sports, or basketball. Whatever floats your boat, the best sportsbooks offer.

Furthermore, sportsbooks welcome new sports bettors with a bonus to wager on their favorite sports. Whether it’s on football or the NBA.

That’s not all. Active depositors can participate in ongoing promotions, earn comps, and join VIP rewards programs.

Oh, and did we mention online poker? Yeah, poker is a kind of a big deal in the United States. The greatest sportsbook online brings poker fans more historic WSOP action.

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New US States Enter The Sports Betting Race

Arizona is the latest US state to legalize betting on online sports in the United States. The law paves the way for online casinos and sports betting at the local tribal casinos.

This also means that residents from Arizona can now bet on NFL and NCAA football seasons. Sportsbook experts estimate that the state can yield a potential $3 billion per year in revenue.

That’s gross gaming, by the way, so we’re looking at profits of around $200 million. Nevertheless, it’s still a tidy sum.

Arizona is one of the main players in the legal sports betting hub in the USA. As such its sports betting market has never looked rosier.

The Grand Canyon state wasn’t the only state making news. Wyoming is another US state that legalized sports betting.

In the legal US market, Americans wagered a whopping $52.7 billion. Of which gambling at casinos was up by 179%.

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What About Mobile Sports Betting?

In case you’ve missed it, betting on sports from your mobile device is now legal in New York. If you’re one of those players that like to place a few bets on the go, now is the time.

Currently, more than 27 US states have now legalized betting whilst some states still have bills they must sign off.

Women and Wagering

In case you’ve missed more women are betting on sports at the best sportsbooks online. In fact, more than 5 million women now bet on their favorite sport.

If we compare the figures to previous years, the user rate increased by more than 120%. That’s insane!

Suffice it to say, women are now giving the blokes a run for their money. Men still lead the race with growth rates of more than 250%.

Sports Betting and Technology

The growth of online sports betting has not only been good for bettors in the US but for technology as well.

We put this down to streaming on mobile devices and other tech gadgets. The only state that permitted online sports betting was Nevada.

Admittedly, a lot has changed since then, and we might add, for the better.

Interesting Sports Betting Stats USA

One in five Americans makes at least one sports wager every month. As many as 80% of new wagers occur on mobile devices.

Be it at online gambling sites or at the top-rated sportsbooks. Football season is also back and that means fantasy football as well.

Further, professional teams and leagues continue to cozy up to online casinos and bookmakers. If you really want to be good at betting on online sports. The last thing you want to be is a “jack of all trades and master of none”.

Find out and learn everything there is to learn about the sport. Take into account the odds, the fluctuations, and what triggers those movements.

Why You Must Respect The Bankroll

Expert sports bettors will tell you to respect the bankroll or to suffer the consequences. Don’t get in over your head because the financial consequences can be dire.

Gambling at online casinos or placing a bet at your favorite sportsbook is the new Golden Age. Technology is the catalyst that continues to drive revenues to new heights.

Bet softly and make sure you carry a big bankroll to weather those dry spells.