Online Sports Betting: The Mental Game

online sports betting mentality

Online sportsbook betting is more than just the physical game. We discuss how you can track your plays, build a betting community, and how to do your homework. As you can see there’s far more to sports betting online than what meets the eye. It’s a holistic approach that entails various aspects. If you want to be a successful sports bettor you must adopt the “grinders with blinders” attitude.

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Why You Must Track Your Plays

Many bettors think it’s not necessary to track their plays. In fact, the reason as to why sharps are so good at what they do; they keep tabs on their bets. Initially, it sounds like a tedious task, but it’s not. Bettors often just track their winning plays and not their losing ones. Sportsbook bettors are a fickle bunch. They don’t see the need to track their losing plays because some even see it as bad luck.

When we started out we tracked our bets through our bank accounts. If our account was in the black we did something right. As it happens we experienced plenty of cold periods that plunged our sportsbook accounts into the red.

One thing we realized quickly is that we had to track our wins and losses. Moreover, when you brush your bets aside without analyzing them, you forfeit the golden opportunity to sharpen your skills. Therefore, keep track of every bet you make through an excel spreadsheet.

Once you made your bet, write down all the plays you made. Was it on a spread? Did you bet on the underdog or the road team? Did you bet against the public bias? These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself.

Use Free Apps

The free Action Network is one of the best methods to track your plays. It’s a live odds tracker sports betting app. It keeps track of all the bets you make in real-time. It features all the live scores and it even has a win-probability meter.

Learn From Your Mistakes

When you document your plays, you learn more about yourself as an online sportsbook bettor. Don’t just focus on what you’re doing well. Know your weak points too. You might realize that you’re doing great when you bet against the public.

Yet, you keep on losing to home underdogs. We made the mistake by putting too much emphasis on head-to-head matchups. Instead of focusing on the now, we became too technical in our analysis. As such it took the fun out of betting.

Another thing we picked up is that we were betting on bad lines and betting our games too early. We became guilty of favoritism and allowed bias to cloud our plays. Know what you’re struggling with and what you’re good at. The key takeaway here is never to allow bias to creep into your play.

The best way to track your plays is at the end of the football, or basketball season. We picked up that we’re better at college basketball and baseball. Although we’re not too bad with NFL totals we struggle with the spreads.

Bet According To Your Strengths

It makes sense to focus more on what you’re good at. Learn from your past mistakes, and bet on fewer games. One of our biggest mistakes was FOMO, or fear of missing out. We’d bet on as much as ten games per night. We soon noted that we didn’t make any profit when we bet on many games. And, it cost us dearly!

Our thinking at the time was, more is better. How wrong we were. Instead, we focused on just two games per night and at what we’re good at. Suffice to say, we not only upped our game but we started making a solid profit.

The Slog Is Worth It

When we started betting on sports we weren’t completely honest with ourselves. We failed to ask ourselves the simple question: “Why are we doing this?”. Don’t just chase the greenback; you’ll run out of steam sooner than later.

Also, we wanted to take our online sports betting to the next level. If you want to become a good tennis player. You must practice for hours on end and have the right coach. Not so? The same rule when you bet on online sports applies. Your head must not be in the clouds but in the right space. Whatever you do don’t tank.

You will have a few hot spells and a few cold ones. It’s part and parcel of online sports betting. Do your research first and take notes. And, don’t be afraid to contact the best sharps in the business. Set up an interview with them. We find that an interview is a great way to pick their brains. Obviously, they won’t share their secrets, but they’ll give you some valuable advice.

Be A Student Of The Game

No matter what you do you’ll never graduate overnight to a sharp. You must add plenty of glue to your seat. The best way to be good at betting on sportsbook betting is to immerse yourself in it. If you love basketball, watch tons of games, and take notes. Think of yourself as a spy checking out the enemy.

After a while, you’ll pick up the finer nuances of basketball, and you’ll keep a pulse on the sport. Not only will you know all the basketball teams. You’ll also know the rules. Who the best players are, and what separates the losing teams from the winning teams. Once the football or the basketball seasons ends you’ll have an encyclopedia of knowledge. We don’t have to tell you that knowledge is money.

Don’t Bet On Preseason Games

We know that you’re itching and you can’t wait for the sports betting season to start. Sportsbooks release the lines early on the preseason games. We urge you not to bet on the preseason games because they’re primarily warm up games. In other words, teams don’t play to win, they’re merely exhibition games. Sport scouts and sponsors use it as an opportunity to look for new talent.

Build Your Betting Community

You’re the captain of your ship or your bankroll. You can decide which team or player you want to bet on and how much. You shouldn’t place your bets blindly but seek out the bettors with vast experience. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions.

Have a pen and notebook ready and write down what they say. In our experience, the majority of the sharps are really cool guys. Most of them told us that they were also rookies once. So, they can relate to your situation.

Now, the key to building your own betting community is to surround you with bettors who are smarter than you. Look for like-minded bettors and read books written by professional bettors. After the game analyze it with friends and take notes.

We find that Twitter is a great way to interact with the sports betting community. More importantly, your best friends can act as the perfect public bettors. It’s the best way to know if you’re on the contrarian side.

Don’t Be Afraid To Lose

We know that losing sucks but it also defines who you are as a bettor. Some folk just give up, or they rant and rave after a bad loss. All we can say is, suck it up! If you want to become a sharp you must grind it out. Otherwise, you’re in the wrong business.

Besides, your main goal is to make a profit. When you’re winning nothing can touch you. Hit a few cold spells and your entire deck of cards can come tumbling down. When you lose that’s when you know the real ‘you’. The best bettors also suffer frustrating losing streaks. It’s the nature of the sports betting beast.

This mind sound silly but you don’t learn much when you win. There’s no introspection, and you only see the light bulb above your head when you lost a wad of cash. We had a significant loss last year when we made a huge bet on one of the seasonal underdogs. Long story short, we got our buts handed back to us on a wooden platter with spikes in it. It hurt! But, we knuckled down and took the loss on the chin.

The loss taught us to be more selective about our games and to be more disciplined. As Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Whatever you do never be afraid to lose. Furthermore, don’t bet with scared money.

Grinders With Blinders

We’ll conclude our piece with this section. If you’re in it for the long haul, your head must be in the game. If not you’re looking for trouble. To be an ace at betting on sports you must adopt the “grinders with blinders” attitude. You must ignore all the noise.

Make no mistake, there will be days that you wished you didn’t get out of bed. But, you got to press on. Learn from your mistakes, and always keep your emotions in check. It takes courage to be a sports bettor. We’ll even go as far as saying that we are a special breed.

As Teddy Roosevelt said, “The credit belongs to the man in the arena. Whose face is marred by blood, dust and sweat.