Ohio Could Get Online Sports Betting Soon

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With plenty of US states now having online sports betting, Ohio might be the next in line. Ohio targets the legalization of online US sportsbooks. That’s to say if everything goes according to plan.

Sports Betting and Casinos Big Business in Ohio

The state’s House and Senate have been talking with each other for more than two years now; seemingly without a deal so far.

Nonetheless, there’s a lot of money on the line, as the experiences from other US states show. Betting on sports is a multi-billion dollar business. The powers that be in the state can’t wait to have a slice of the pie.

The main conflicting point is which places will be able to offer gambling services. With more and more companies wanting to get a share, Ohio lawmakers have a hard time reaching a consensus.

Among the main voices are Ohio sports teams and USA casinos online. However, smaller bars, restaurants, and bowling centers want licenses as well.

Under the recent proposals. There are initially up to 25 licenses for mobile sports betting. 40 Licenses for classic casino parlors, and an undisclosed number of licenses for kiosks.

Negotiations will continue throughout the month of November. As such Ohio sports betting fans can expect to see new developments before 2022.

Matt Huffman, the Senate President, is allegedly optimistic and hopes to see legal sports betting in the state soon.