NHL Overview And Betting Tips For The 2022 – 2023 Season

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The American Hockey League has a massive following, mostly in Northern Hemisphere and betting on it is a national pastime.

This is the men’s professional ice hockey league and probably the most recognized ice hockey league in the USA.

It was birthed in Montréal, Québec, in 1917 and is the oldest sports cup in America.

The league includes 31 franchises: 7 in Canada and 24 in the United States. At the end of each season, the winner holds up the Stanley Cup.

The NHL is an exhilarating face-paced, high-action sport. Besides, only some of us know how to get even more involved in the games by betting on our favorite player or team.

October 2022 sees the 106th season playing out with the Eastern and Western Conferences going head to head. So let’s check it out!

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Using Tips And Strategies For NHL Betting

There are multiple ways to bet on the NHL using the different markets offered at each event.

Like with most sports, there are mainstream betting markets that generally cover winning teams, full-time scores, and goals.

Another way to get into the swing of things is to participate in each event. Follow the teams through the season.

As you build up your knowledge, You will get more au fait with how the sport works.

Thereafter, you can build a strong betting strategy based on past and present performance of players and teams.

You can also consider the home-ground advantages, player consistency, and more.

This will build up your ability to use the betting markets to maximize big-win opportunities.

NHL Futures Betting

For those less adventurous and looking for a more planned betting experience, this is for you.

Futures betting is a pre-play bet, and bettors can predict the outcome of a specific game, a tournament, who will raise the cup at the end, the player of the match/season, etc.

Below is a short description of each betting type for all newbies willing to try their luck this season.

How To Bet On NHL

One thing that’s for sure; there is no shortage of NHL action throughout the season.

There are 82 games in hand for each team. In total, there are 1271 games just in the standard season, some betting order is needed to get the most out of your NHL betting. We are here to help.

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Types Of NHL Betting

It is essential to understand all the betting options for NHL. This way, you can maximize your winning opportunities.

Bets range from match outcomes to betting on specific players and their performance. Let’s look at the different ways to win.

nhl bettign lines

NHL Money Line Betting

Betting on the money line is the most common bet and the easiest to understand. It’s a straight win/lose type of bet.

You can bet on your favorite team for the win. In the NHL, there is no tie outcome. This means there will always be a result.

NHL Puck Line Betting

Commonly known as spread betting, puck line betting. Now, here the favorites will get – odds while the underdog + odds.

Also, in this type of bet, the odds will change rather than the line, like in football or basketball.

The Puck lines vary for each game. This depends on the discrepancy between the favorite team and the underdog.

NHL Over/Under Betting

NHL Over/Under betting, or totals markers, equates to betting on the total goals scored for the game.

It is a combination of both teams. The typical range is over/under 4.5 goals to around 8.5.

Most betters choose this type of bet if their team is not playing. Still, they are not positive about an outcome, but still want to have a piece of the action.

NHL Player Prop Bets

NHL Player Prop Bets looks at a specific player’s performance. Specifically, this type of bet includes the number of goals/points accumulates during the match, or goals saved.

NHL Team Prop Bets

As opposed to player prop bets, here you can bet on the teams’ performance. You choose a team, and you could be on over/under of goals.

Above all, this is handy when you are only certain about one team rather than both.

Also, you can bet on whether they will score first, and beyond that, into the season, reaching points first or the quarter, semi, or finals.

NHL Live Betting

NHL is like kryptonite for the adrenaline junkies. Renowned for its fast-paced action, and in-play betting it’s is a sure way to feel like you are on the ice.

Various betting options are available in play, including goal scoring, penalties, half-time, and final scores.

Most sportsbooks will update odds as the game progresses. You can even bet on the final score right towards the end.

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