NFL Football Betting Guide: Tips and Strategy

nfl betting
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Of all the sports in the United States football is hands down the most popular. A survey conducted a few years ago pointed out that 35% of the participants said that the National Football League (NFL) is their favorite while another 11% of the respondents said they enjoy watching college football. It’s safe to say that approximately 46% of the American population is football mad. When it comes to betting online guess which game is the most popular…football!

American football is not only popular in the United States but abroad too, this is why bookmakers love the game, if you know how to bet, a substantial amount of cash can be made. Then again most folk only place a few dollar bets just for the heck of it. If you are planning on becoming a serious football bettor it’s important to know that you must become a bettor first and a fan second – not the other way round.

Football Betting Guide:

Before we continue we’d like to mention the pros and cons of football betting. One way or the other everyone made a couple of rookie mistakes when they first started out. Even the most experienced guys make mistakes from time to time so don’t be too hard on yourself, as the old saying goes to ‘er is human’. It’s important however that you avoid making mistakes as far as possible.

Rookie Football Mistakes

It’s easy to over complicate things, it’s best to keep things simple, less is always more. Don’t try and be smart by impressing your buddies with smart bets, always do the basics right and keep it real!

Set A Bankroll Aside

Start off small as you become a more experienced bettor you can start experimenting with more complicated strategies. One of the most important things when it comes to betting on football is to have a budget. Keep in mind you’re not going to win every single bet. As a newbie you’re probably going to lose more money than you’ll make. It all boils down to one thing…experience, to gain it it’s going to cost you a lot of money along the way and tons of study. One of the fundamental lessons is never to bet more money than you can afford to lose.

Decide how much money you’re going to spend and set a budget aside, it can be for a month or for the duration of the football season. Depending on how much you’re prepared to ‘risk’ your bankroll can be anything from $500 upwards. Keep your football betting budget separate from your daily expenses and never use your next month’s house rent. If you’ve lost your entire bankroll before the seasons ends, count your losses and call it a day. You can always try again the next season.

Strictly speaking if you know what you’re doing your bankroll should go the distance. How do you manage your bankroll?

  • You can set weekly or monthly limits.
  • The amount of wagers on individual bets should be limited.
  • Don’t try and recoup your losses.
  • Be disciplined. If you don’t keep tabs on the cash you’ve wagered or if you’re not disciplined, your bankroll will sink faster than a lean anvil thrown into a pool.

In a nutshell that’s bankroll management 101.

Patience Is Key

You’re most probably wondering why must I be patient? In our line of work we firmly believe that slow and steady always wins the race. You remember the race between the tortoise and the haire? Yes, of course, well the same rule applies here too. To be a consistent winner doesn’t come overnight.

Gamble Online

We’re big fans of U.S sportbetting sites licensed in offshore jurisdictions such as Curacao, Antigua and Costa Rica. Simple reason for this is they always have special promotions on the go with loads of rewards, first time bettors receive welcome bonuses, they offer solid tips and advice and withdrawals are handled within 24 hours.

Another perk of online betting is that it’s fast, secure and convenient. Getting your cash in and out of the betting site using different banking methods like credit/debit cards, Upaycard, Bitcoin (Litecoin, Etherium) or bank wire is a breeze. The thing about cryptocurrencies is that there’s no transaction costs, they offer the user a degree of anonymity and they’re not restricted by jurisdiction laws. All the sportbetting sites listed on this page are 100% secure and safe!

Compare The Odds and Lines

Getting lines and the best odds can only stand you in good stead. Here’s why. The better the odds the bigger the payout and if the lines are top-notch your odds improve significantly at winning your bets. The difference between winning and losing can be a half a point of the spread. Online football sportsbetting sites give you better odds, most of the time any way.

If you plan on making a point spread wager here’s a simple example. Let’s say the Tennessee Titans are 3 points behind the Minnesota Vikings and they plan on covering. Now, before we place our bets we check the odds and betting lines offered by our betting sites. You’ll notice a few things. The first two sites both have a spread of 3, but their odds differ. If we want to back the favorites we’ll place our bets on site ‘B’. Reason being the spread is +100 as opposed to -110, not a huge difference but not a small one either.

Bet On Site A

Minnesota -3 -110

Tennessee +3 -110

Bet On Site B

Minnesota -3 +100

Tennessee +3 -120

If you look at the odds it’s clear that there’s a couple of differences, the first two sites’ spread is ‘3’ but their odds differ. If we have to pick one of the two sites we’ll bet on ‘Site B’. Instead of getting -110 we’re getting +100. The difference is not huge bit it is not small either. This is football betting remember, as such always try and bet on the underdog, ‘Bet on Site A’ gives the better odds, instead of getting -120 at ‘Bet on Site B’ we’re getting -110.

An illustration such as the above occurs often in football games. Each betting site has different lines and odds, if you have a keen eye, making a quick bet and buck shouldn’t be a problem. It doesn’t matter if the difference is small just as long as you improve your odds.

Keep Tabs Of Your Results

As blunt as this may sound you’ll never be a wizard at football betting because the sport continues to evolve all the times. The only thing that’s constant in life is change, accept it. Even if your current system works it’s not going to work over the long haul since any system is always tweaked and fine tuned. To stay ahead of the curve you must evolve as well.

Keep record of your results, it shows how much money you’ve lost or won. It also indicates your good and bad points. By keeping tabs on your performance it indicates whether or not you’re heading into the right direction and it highlights the areas you need to sharpen up.

Quality Matters

Placing many bets doesn’t always translate into winning bets, at the end of the day you must have more winning bets than losing ones. If you want to have a good ratio you must know how to choose your bets. There are two reasons for making a wager: 1. You want to make an accurate prediction. 2. The betting market must offer you value for money. Don’t cry over spilled milk, focus instead on well-executed wagers since they lead to better results.

Watch Out For Touts

The virtual highway (Internet) is flushed with all kinds of shady individuals especially football touts. We don’t deny the fact that some of them genuinely offer excellent service but the vast majority of them are wolves in sheep clothing.

Add Glue To Your Seat

By this we mean become a student at football betting and never be afraid to learn more about this wonderful sport. Essentially it might sound boring but we guarantee you it’s well worth the effort especially if you plan on betting copious amount of cash. Don’t try and overload yourself with jargon, instead take it step by step – spread it our over a few months. Once you mastered a section test your skills and remember knowledge is power!