How To Play Progressive Jackpots

progressive jackpot slots
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The first question we would like to address is: “What are progressive jackpots slots, and why are they so popular with online casino patrons?” Online slots progressive jackpots are hooked up to a wide-area network of games. This means that each time a single progressive jackpot is played, a small percentage of it is added to the game’s pool. Consequently, the progressive slots keep on growing and growing until its total jackpot reaches such stupendous amounts.

Our best RealTime Gaming online casinos now offer you a robust assortment of progressive jackpots that are linked to the software provider’s jackpot pool. Next time you play; take a closer look at comprehensive guide on ‘How To Play Progressive Jackpots.’

Where To Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

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Progressive Jackpot Slots Statistics

On the popularity scale, slot machines and progressive jackpots lead the charge with more than 60%. Not only do players play them for their winning potential, but they are entertaining as well. A win-win situation, wouldn’t you say?

Finding a progressive jackpot slots is easy because there are so many of them. When it comes to finding trustworthy casinos to play them at, it’s a whole different story, because they are thinly scattered. This is why we recommend Las Vegas USA casino as one of our hand-picked sites. Las Vegas USA Casino has more than 10 progressive slots in its stockpile. It runs loads of promotions, which include big casino bonuses to new depositors, cashback on losses, Bitcoin withdrawals are cleared almost instantly. These promotions just keep on coming.

The Popularity of Progressive Jackpots Slots

Online gambling revolutionized the manner in which gamblers consumed gaming content. If you’re thinking, “how so,” we have the Internet to thank for this. There were only a few internet casinos in 1995, and the games in their libraries were minimal. Gambling online was still rudimentary, at best.

Fast forward to today, and mobile casinos can be accessed from a cell phone (Androids, iOS, and tablets) and from anywhere. Mobile gaming or gaming on-the-go disrupted the industry by a mile. Players no longer have to rush to their desktop computer to play their favorite casino game. It can now be done directly on their phones, anywhere at any time. This is why there has been such exponential growth in online casinos and progressive jackpots in particular.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

Every time you play a progressive jackpot casino with real money, a portion of every bet you’ve made goes towards the pool. Now imagine you have thousands of players who play the same game at different online casinos; the figure can be astronomical. Some software providers “seed” their progressive jackpots, meaning that when the jackpot is finally hit, it resets to a fixed amount.

To be able to hit the progressive jackpot, you must line up a particular set of symbols that are randomly triggered. Sometimes the developer breaks it down into Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega Jackpots. Each jackpot is therefore proportionate to your bankroll.

If you want to win the “Mega” jackpot, you must bet the maximum bet per spin. Developers of progressive slot jackpots add mini-games such as Wheel of Fortune, Free Spins with expanding wilds, multipliers, and pick me features that heighten gameplay even more.

progressive jackpot slots

Where You Can Find The Biggest Progressive Jackpots Online

The USA online casinos listed at ( contains a splendid selection of RTG progressive jackpots. Not all of them offer multi-million dollar payouts on a single spin because they cater to players with different bankrolls.

Players prepared to take the risk can take a crack at Aztec’s Millions which pays as much as $3.5 million on a single spin! At the time of writing, RTG’s total progressive jackpot pool was ticking away at more than $9 million! Click on one of the links to access these casino’s and all those dollars could have your name on it. 

How To Improve Your Chances At Winning a Progressive Jackpot

Accept the welcome bonus: Should you be a new depositor, the logical option is to accept the deposit bonus which the online casino offers to you. To qualify for it, you must be a first time visitor to the casino. Please note that not all welcome bonuses may be used to play progressive jackpots. Before you register an account, send the casino an email or chat with the support staff online to check whether you qualify to play the progressive jackpot.

Study the Help Screen: All the information you need about the game is posted in the help screen or Paytable. It indicates which symbols are the most important, how to trigger a bonus game, different coin bet options, and how the progressive jackpot is won.


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Bet the maximum bet: Discretion is advised when it comes to betting the maximum wager per spin. Progressive jackpots are very volatile, and you risk losing your bankroll quickly. Only bet the maximum bet if you can afford it and if you’re chasing the jackpot. To win the jackpot in a table game, a side bet is often required.

Bankroll management: Decide on your average bet per spin and keep to it. If your budget is $500 and you decide to bet $5 per spin (100 spins), don’t change your average bet. If your 100 spins have ended, don’t dip into your savings again. Cut your losses and then move onto the next game.

There is no clear-cut strategy at winning a progressive because each spin is determined randomly by a random number generator. Ultimately, winning a progressive jackpot is based on luck and nothing else.

aztecs millions slot
Aztecs millions slot

Other Progressives Aside From Slots

When it comes to the games offered by online casinos, diversity is vital. Even for us who are avid slots players, it is challenging to work our way around other games. The crux here is that slots aren’t the only progressive games.

You get progressive jackpots in blackjack, video poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and roulette too. These jackpots can balloon to epic proportions and might just be the one for you. Like progressive slots, a table game’s progressive jackpot is equally easy to play.

Caribbean Stud Poker, invented by ShuffleMaster, is a progressive card game that is based on a five-card stud. When you land a royal flush, you win the progressive jackpot. If you land a straight flush, you will win 10% of the progressive jackpot pool, keeping in mind that you must also make a side bet of $1 to be eligible.

The progressive blackjack jackpot is won when you line up a certain amount of 7 diamonds. Different card combinations offer smaller jackpot cash prizes too. If you are chasing the progressive jackpot, you’ll have to make a side bet of $1 or more, plus a standard bet.

When you play progressive roulette, the side bet is won if the same number pops up multiple times in quick succession. Certain versions of roulette have a bonus slot on the wheel in conjunction with a bonus round. Progressive video poker rewards the player with the best hand.

Progressive Jackpots Frequently Asked Questions

How many varieties of progressive jackpots are there?

There are 3 types of progressive jackpots, namely:

Standalone Progressives: The standalone jackpot is the first progressive with a jackpot ticker on it. It only grows when it is played. Their cash amounts vary from $5,000 to $10,000.

Local Progressives: This was the next obvious step in the evolution of progressive jackpots. They are the progressive jackpots found within the casino that are hooked up to a few machines or a few hundred. Their winning prizes vary from $100,000 to a million dollars.

Wide Area Network Progressives: A wide area network of progressives spans across multiple online casinos that are powered by the same software house. There are plenty of RealTime Gaming casinos that are not affiliated with each other. Because their RTG jackpots are linked, and every time a specific game is played, it continues to grow until someone wins the jackpot.

What are progressive slots?

Progressive jackpot slots are the same as your usual video slots, but instead of having just a fixed jackpot, they are linked to a progressive network of games. Every time a progressive jackpot is played, a portion of the player’s stake goes towards the pool.

This is why it continues to grow and can offer such gigantic life-changing cash prize. It is no surprise that it is the reason why they are so popular with players at land-based and online casinos. 

How do I play a progressive jackpot?

Register an account at an online casino. Set a bankroll aside, pick a game, and consult the Paytable (Help Screen). Choose the number of lines you prefer to bet on as well as your average bet per spin. Click on spin. Your average stake must be in line with your bankroll. Try not to get carried away by the large amount you can win. Only ever bet what you are willing to lose.

Are progressive jackpots better than standard slots?

Should you be looking to win an amount of money that will change your life instantly, then yes. They pay cash prizes that range from a few thousand up to millions of dollars.

What’s the odds of winning a progressive jackpot?

Your odds at winning a progressive jackpot is slightly better than winning the lottery. To win the lottery, you must purchase loads of tickets, and even then, it’s like trying to catch a fly with chopsticks. You can make hundreds of spins on the same slot machine within a session, which improves your winning chances significantly.

How do I win a progressive slots jackpot?

There is really no secret formula for winning a progressive jackpot because it’s based on one thing only, your luck! You can most definitely improve your chances of winning by accepting the casino’s bonus, with proper bankroll management and lots of patience.

Which RTG Progressive jackpots are the biggest?

In order of appearance and at the time of writing, the biggest jackpots are as follows:

Aztec Millions: $3.3 million
Jackpot Pinatas: $1.8 million
Megasaur: $1 million-plus
Cleopatra’s Gold: $404,000
Caribbean Stud Poker: $151,000

Since 2009 the RTG progressive jackpot network has paid out more than $40 million in winnings to ordinary people like you and me. The last time an RTG progressive jackpot paid out was on the 9th of December 2017, when a player won a colossal amount of $1,557,930 at Bovada Casino.

How often is a progressive jackpot won?

Depending on the size of the jackpot, we’d say every 5 to 11 weeks.