How to Play Online Slots That Fits Your Casino Budget

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Online slots are the most popular real money casino games. Across legal USA online casinos, they have wide audiences and most online casino fans enjoy playing them.

Not a surprise at all, slot machines come with a lot of variety and great visuals. Online slot fans also get the most out of casino bonuses and casino promotions. That’s because slots online always contribute fully to bonus wagering requirements.

We all like online slots, and we all also like getting a payout. Not all online slots produce payouts regularly, keep that in mind.

In many ways, it’s more of a grind than we’d like it to be. So what can you do to avoid low-paying online slots? In other words, what should you be aware of to get as many wins as you’d like to? In this article, we’ve got all the answers, so read on and find out!

Avoid High Variance Online Slots

If you want to win often, stay away from high variance online slots. These are grindy slots that will catch your attention with their high jackpots.

Some even go as high as 20,000x your stake or more for the top payout. They fluctuate wildly and they seldom offer winning spins.

However, the average payout can be big. High variance slots allow you to experience a few dry runs with tens of non-winning spins. Moreover, they burn through your bankroll quickly.

Instead, go for low variance or at least medium variance slots. Low volatility slot target players that want a more relaxing experience. Casual players or high rollers that want to take a break with a soft online slot now and again.

Most players need to enjoy such slots from time to time. They are also great if you want to get through an online casino bonus.

Low and medium variance slots are ideal for clearing bonus wagering requirements!

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Always Check Hit Rates

The hit frequency is another key stat to check before playing slots online at casinos. Those are two names for the same thing and they tell you how often you’ll get a win on average.

The practice will vary, but you’ll get to the advertised percentage if you play for long enough.

The standard hit rate is between 15% to 50%. There aren’t many online slots outside that range, they are exceedingly rare. Slots that pay around the 15% mark will net you a win on every 6th spin on average.

That’s a tough going rate and it will frustrate most players. Due to variance, this means you can easily go for 10+ spins without a payout.

We don’t recommend such online slots to players that want to win often. Instead, look for online slots that pay at least 33% or more. At that rate, you’ll get a win every 3rd spin. You can also take advantage of slots near the 50% mark. That pays almost every other spin!

Also, don’t ever confuse the hit frequency with the RTP or payback rate. The latter should always be above 95.70% for a slot to be fair, ideally above 96%!

Play Slots For Free First

Before you start playing a slot for real money, try it out for play money first. In other words, give it a go as a free slot without risking anything.

You can play free slots at all USA casinos online and it’s always a good idea. You can learn how the slot play, check its paytable and bonus rounds, etc. You’ll also get a good grasp on how it pays, what are the usual wins, etc.

If you can’t play an online slot for free for some reason, at least read an online slot review. That way, you’ll get all the info quickly and without any effort.

Check all the important bits that we’ve mentioned above. What the variance is, what the hit rate is and so forth. Also, read if the reviewer liked the slot or not. We always mention our experiences in our online slot reviews. That’s to give players the full picture, so they can understand everything.

Final Word

If you’re a slots fan looking to win often, there are plenty of steps you can take. In short, you need to avoid low-paying online slots. That means slots with high volatility levels, low hit rates and slots that have a grindy nature.

There are plenty of such games available at the best casinos online, so you need to be on your guard. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend our online slot reviews section. Focus on Betsoft online slots.

Betsoft is a US-friendly company that produces low and medium variance slots, so you can fill your boots! Remember, slots for casual slot players are ideal for clearing bonus wagering requirements!