How To Play Online Keno

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Playing Keno online is super easy. It’s like playing lotto from your own couch, just faster. With thousands of varieties of Keno in our instant payout casinos, you are spoilt for choice.

Folklore speculates that the game of Keno started in China more than 35 thousand years ago and that the gains from keno were utilized to assist in building the Great Wall of China.

Once you have registered an account at one of our USA online casinos (, pick a game that you like and play in ‘demo’ or ‘free’ mode until you get your bearings. The next step is to deposit real money. Just as each Keno game has a different theme, they have different options of play too.

Play Keno Online

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Pick Your Numbers

You now get the opportunity to pick your numbers on a virtual ticket which is displayed with numbers from 1 to 80. Different games give you several options on the quantity of numbers you can choose, from 1 up to 20. All your selected numbers will be highlighted on the screen.

This is the step where players display some superstition, as they usually do in lotteries. Some players might stick to typical numbers such as their birthdays, anniversary dates or any other lucky number. Some players even go as far as picking unlucky numbers such as the dates on which they crashed their cars, lost their jobs or even a loved one. The latter is a bit extreme though, but then again different strokes for different folks. If you do not want to choose your own numbers, some Keno games offer you a ‘random’ button on the screen which you can click on.

The Draw

Once you are ready and have made your bet on the numbers, you may click on ‘Play’ or ‘Draw’. Random Number Generator software jumps in and draws 20 numbers. These numbers will show up on the screen and indicate how much of the numbers are matches to your picks. Irrespective of the amount of numbers you have chosen to play, the draw throws out 20 numbers. So, the more numbers you pick, the more you increase your chance at winning.

Hot & Cold

Many players believe that there are patterns in the numbers that get drawn. We’d like to point out that as an online casino game, Keno is entirely random, meaning that it’s up to lady luck and nothing else. ‘Hot’ numbers are those that are drawn quite frequently, for example, 3, 16, 44, 58, 61, and so on. ‘Cold’ numbers are those that have not been seen in a draw for some time. Some players might observe the game carefully and decide it’s time to bet on cold numbers. It will be purely by chance if that player wins.

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Popular Keno Lingo

Aggregate Limit: Each casino game has its own aggregated limit. This refers to the maximum amount that can be won by a player or several players at the casino.
All or Nothing: It refers to a Keno ticket that only pays out on certain numbers, or when no specific numbers have been drawn.
Ball Game: A Keno game uses 80 plastic balls which represents the numbers that have been drawn.
Balls: In Keno, each ball represents a number from 1 to 80.
Bank: This is the amount of cash the online casino allocates to each Keno game.
Bankroll: The amount of money the player sets aside or is prepared to ‘risk’ when he/she plays a casino game.
Bet: The amount of cash the player wagers on each number in a Keno game.
It is a Keno ticket that has not been placed yet.
Cage: The virtual machine where the Keno balls are stored before they are drawn.
Call: The ‘call’ is the act of calling the numbers that have been drawn.
Caller: The ‘caller’ is employed by land-based casinos to call out the Keno numbers that’s been drawn.
Combination Ticket: On each of the numbers you have picked, you must place a bet. The bets you decide on will be the same for all the numbers.

Deuce: Two Keno spots next to each other is known as a ‘Deuce’.
Draw: A draw in Keno is the winning numbers that’s usually a batch of 15-20 numbers
Draw Sheet: Before you place a wager in Keno, you must fill in the draw sheet, it’s a blank piece of paper (or virtual paper for online games). All the numbers drawn in the previous games have punched holes in them.
Edge Ticket: As the name says, there are 32 numbers on the outer edge of the ticket.
Enhanced Payoff: An enhanced payoff occurs when several Keno bets have been made on a single ticket.
Exacta: This is a ticket with a special cash prize.
Field: The ‘field’ is a cluster of uncircled spots the Keno ticket.
Flashboard: The numbers that have been drawn in a Keno game is displayed on the Flashboard.
Gooseneck: The moment the blower is initiated, the balls are grouped together in the hopper. Next, all the balls end up in the machines long neck tube – known as the ‘Gooseneck’.
Handle: The amount of cash the casino generated from Keno.
High-End Ticket: It’s expressly designed to catch a large volume of numbers. Unfortunately, payouts are minimal for only a few spots.
High Roller Ticket: This Keno ticket costs an arm and a leg, and the high roller must bet a certain amount before he/she is eligible for it.

House Edge: This is the advantage the casino game holds over the player expressed in percentage terms. Keno carries a house edge of between 25 and 30%. This is very poor odds. Some online casinos only have a House Edge of 4% for Keno games; it all depends on which variant is played.
Jackpot: A jackpot is the amount of cash a player is eligible for after he placed his bets, usually made as a progressive side bet.
Keno Board: The numbers drawn during a Keno game is shown on the Keno board. Keno Counter: Here, players collect the money they have won and to place their bets (land-based).
Keno Punch: A Keno machine that’s found in land-casinos punches holes in the Keno sheet.
Keno Lounge: Players sit and mark their tickets in the Keno lounge.
Keno Writer: The person responsible for taking player bets.
King: When playing Keno, you must pick between 1 – 15 numbers, but when a player only picks one number, this is known as a ‘King’.
King Ticket: A ticket that has 2 or more kings.
Left-Right Ticket: Tickets that are market vertically down the Keno ticket’s center. The goal is to catch the numbers on one half of the ticket.
Mark: Players who wager online, mark their Keno tickets by clicking on them.
Odds: When playing a casino game, ‘odds’ refers to your chances of winning.
Open: The Keno count is ‘Open’ for bets.
Outside Ticket: The player gives his outside ticket to the casino in place of his marked ticket, as well as the bets that were made.
Pattern: This is the amount of numbers that’s been circled on a Keno ticket.

Pay Any Catch Ticket: When a Keno ticket pays a fixed amount regardless of how many numbers are winning numbers.
Payoff: A payoff/payout is the cash amount the Keno player receives from his/her winning numbers.
Pay Table: Also known as the ‘Help Screen’ which indicates the value of each number’s payout.
Play 1′: When a Keno player only decided to play 1 game with the spots he/she has picked.
‘Play 5’: When a player chooses the ‘Play 5’ button, he/she opts to play 5 games with the spots picked.
Quick Pick: When the computer picks a random bunch of numbers for the player. Also known as the ‘Random’ button.
Quit Race: Before the game ends, the player decides to cash in his/her ticket.
Rate: This is the price the player pays for his/her ticket.
Rate Card: The rate card is the amount the casino pays out for the different wagers.
Random Number Generator (RNG): This is a software program that determines the outcome of each casino game’s draw or roll. Each game within the online casino’s game library is controlled by the random number generator. It ensures that payouts are fair.
Replayed Ticket: When a player replays the same numbers.
Runner: A runner is an employee of the casino which pays players for tickets that won (land-based).
Sleeper: A Keno player that has not collected his winnings from the casino yet.
Split Ticket: When 2 or more group of numbers are played separately on the same ticket.
Stud: When the jackpot keeps on growing on every bet that’s made until it’s finally hit. Similar to a progressive jackpot.

Straight ticket: When a player places his/her bets on the numbers picked from 1-20 numbers (a group of numbers).
Ticket: A Keno ticket consists of 80 numbers on which the player marks his/her spots.
Top-Bottom Ticket: A top-bottom ticket is horizontally marked in the center. Instead of trying to catch the numbers on the entire ticket, the Keno player aims to hit the numbers on one half of the ticket.
Tournament: In tournaments, Keno players compete against one another and against the casino for cash prizes.
Video Keno: This format of Keno is played on a video machine (online casino).
Wager: Also known as a bet.
Way: A separate bet that is placed on a ticket.
Winning Numbers: When 15 or 20 numbers are drawn in a Keno game, they are known as the winning numbers.
Win: This is the cash amount the Keno player won which usually exceeds the bets he or she made.

Online Keno Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a ‘Catch’ In Keno?

This is the same as a ‘hit’ or ‘match’. A catch is when one of your chosen numbers on your ticket is drawn, and you get paid a win.

Do Online Casinos Offer Bonuses To Play Keno?

Our top casinos offer promo codes for many games in their libraries. Browse through the available Keno variations to find your bonus. Use your bonus to play and win, utilizing the promo code provided. Please note that all bonuses carry wagering requirements that you have to meet.

What is A Multi-Race Card in Keno?

This is when you only chose your numbers once and keep playing that same card or ticket continuously.

Are There Keno Strategies I Can Use To Win?

As mentioned earlier, Keno is a game of chance. No amount of strategizing or planning guarantees you a win. Should you use of an online betting strategy like the Martingale system, and you win, then it is pure luck.

What Other Advice Do You Have For Keno Players?

•Discipline, first and foremost. You have to have some self-control when playing any online game, especially those like Keno with very low betting minimums.
•Bankroll management is a crucial component in staying ‘alive’ in the game. Only bet what you are willing to lose.
•Do not get too bogged down by the numbers on the tickets, in the bigger scheme of things and the randomness of the game, it really does not matter which numbers you chose. Focus on the game and your emotions instead.
•Consider depositing with Bitcoin. Our best Bitcoin casinos offer players great bonuses for playing their games. Bitcoin, as a banking method, ensures fast financial transactions.

Can I Win Big Playing Keno?

Yes, you can. Keno odds favor the player. Because the betting limits are low when you play Keno online, it draws a lot of players. The more players, the higher the jackpot if it is progressive. You can win thousands in one draw.

The money you can win depends mostly on the online casino you’re playing at. The casino will indicate on the ticket you have purchased what amount of money you can win. Alternatively, if you’re looking to win a life-changing cash amount, you can play progressive jackpots slots.

How Many Numbers Must I Pick In Keno?

Generally speaking, you’ll have to pick 1 to 15 numbers, but there are online casinos that allow you to select between 1 to 20 numbers. Do Numbers That Have Already Been Drawn In Keno Have An Impact On the Outcome? Contrary to popular belief, no. Each random pick in Keno is governed by a random number generator (RNG).

What’s The Best Winning Keno Strategy?

For starters, you can buy more than one ticket since it improves your odds at hitting those elusive winning numbers.