How To Create A Betting System

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If you are not a seasoned online sportsbook bettor it’s virtually impossible to create a betting system. The only way to create one is through your own betting experience. Experienced bettors keep an extensive record of their bets. As such, it allows them to formulate their own betting strategy. In this article, we tell you how to create your own betting system.

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Betting System Keep Record

If you just started betting at an online sportsbook on say the NFL. We recommend that you keep a record of every single bet you place. Whether it is on a team or on an individual NFL player. Alternatively, you can create a scenario that the winning team was in. Or, maybe you did not take a previous bet into consideration.

We had a case recently where we wanted to bet on the Padres with odds of +150. The Padres MLB was up against the Dodgers. We decided to let it go because we did not like the pitching matchup. And, the game did not carry enough bets. Well, we can kick ourselves because the Padres won 4-1. As a rule of thumb, a smart live bettor won’t let an opportunity like that slip through their fingers. We did!

If you’re not sure about a team’s live betting odds of winning. Do research about the team because there’s always something you miss. Then again, maybe the Padres caught the Dodgers on an off night.


How To Create An Online Betting System?

When we started to bet on the NFL and MLB at sportsbooks we created our own betting system. We made tons of schoolboy errors which cost us dearly. But, so we learned. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves we pressed on, and learned from our mistakes.

When you create your own online betting system always take into account any variables. Variables such as the wind speed, injuries to key players and the weather. When you review the date after a game, you see that the wind blew at 7 miles per hour. Alternatively, you can check the baseball team’s record you want to bet on.

Once you have a betting system that works. Don’t forget to improve it. You can add new info to it such as rule changes, or changes to the league. Let’s say you create a fantasy college basketball over/under system. Basically, you focus on the unders in the big conference games where the totals are high. For what it’s worth. Our best USA online sportsbooks accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They process payments of up to $BTC10,000 within a few minutes.

Betting System Tip

Yet, there’s always a snag or three that could derail your betting system. In 2016, the NCAA changed the shot clock from 35 seconds to 30 seconds to increase the scoring rate. We don’t have to tell you that the five seconds decrease give both teams more possession. Furthermore, it leads to more shots and an increase in overs. Long story short, your once profitable under system is no longer the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Ever heard about a fellow by the name of Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris? Many hail him as the greatest NBA bettor of all time. So, what was his secret sauce? He found an amazing edge betting on half time totals. He noticed that oddsmakers cut the game totals in half. Moreover, they did not consider the matchup, the coaching styles, or the extra fouls teams commit in the 4th quarter. Suffice to say, Voulgaris took these variables into account with his betting system.

What Is A Profitable Betting System?

A betting system is only good if the team has value. To find out if your betting system works. There are a few metrics you can use. They are, a team’s win percentage, win to loss ratio, and units won. Your return on investment indicates how profitable your betting system is. How do you calculate your ROI? You can divide how much money your betting system makes. And, then you divide it by the cost of the investment. If your betting system indicates a positive ROI, you’re on the right track.

If your betting system tracks 500 games. You risked $50 per game, and you pocketed +25 units per system. You can calculate your ROI if you multiply your profit (25 units) by the money you risked. In this case, it is $50. Next, you can divide the total bets you made (500) and you can multiply it by the money you risked. Initially it looks complicated but it is not. The calculation looks like this: (25 units x $50) divide (500 games x $50). Therefore, it amounts to 0.05, or 5 percent. For every $50 you risk on your betting system, you’ll make a profit of $5.

Why ROI For Betting System Is Important?

To keep tabs on the money you spend at online sportsbooks. You must keep monitor your return on investment. It indicates whether your betting system works, or not. Consider moneyline systems that caters for underdogs where the odds are positive with plus-money payouts. Even if your betting system has a win rate of 47% you can still turn a profit. How so? Because you bet on the underdogs with odds of +110, +130 to +140.

Final Word

You must record everything you put into your betting system. Otherwise it will never work. If you want to be a sharp or successful online sportsbook bettor. Your ROI must be around 2 to 3 percent. Sharp professional bettors boast a ROI of 5 percent. They win roughly 55 percent of their games.

The sharpest bettors have a ROI of 10 percent which is extraordinary. Practically speaking, they win 60 percent of their games. If your betting system turns a profit of 2 percent consider yourself lucky. Last but certainly not least, tweak your betting system from time to time.