How To Calculate RTP

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The acronym ‘RTP’ means Theoretical Return to Player and is expressed in terms of percentage. This is the average return (profit) that a slot machine or casino game pays back to the player over a certain period. RTP is expressed as a percentage of 96% or higher.

The higher the RTP of a slot machine, the better the return to the player over the long run. It’s not only a slot machine or any other casino game that has its own RTP, but online casinos do too. If the casino’s RTP is 97.5%, its combined average return to player percentage for all its games is 97.5%.

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What Is RTP?

Remember that the RTP percentage should be taken at ‘face value.’ Jackpot wins, and extended winning sessions are excluded. RTP is just a value expressed in percentage terms of how much the game will pay out over a certain period. If a slot machine has a RTP of 96.5%, its edge to the house is 3.5% (100%-96.5%=3.5%). The house edge is the guaranteed percentage the casino retains on all bets made.

You will never find a game that has an RTP of 100% because the casino will operate at a loss. It is better to play a game that has an RTP of 96% or higher. The higher the RTP, the better the payout possibility. For example, your average bet per spin on a slot machine of 97% is $1. For every $1 you wager, your return on the game will be 97 cents. So, your average loss over an extended period is calculated as 3%.

However, it becomes slightly more complicated because it is not always the case as slot games are divided into low, medium or high-variance. The higher the volatility of a slot game, the longer it takes before you hit a winning spin at instant payout casinos.

RTP at the casino

Calculating The RTP Casino Game

Calculating the RTP is done by the total amount of coins that are returned to the players, divided by the total bets. Let’s say you bet 1 coin, and after 10 spins, you’ve won 8 coins. The RTP will then be calculated as 80% because you have staked 10 coins and won 8.

Calculating the RTP is more complex than this simple explanation. When the slot machine’s RTP is 80%, the house advantage is 20%. No veteran slots player will play a non-progressive jackpot that has an RTP of 80%. It is only worth it if it is a progressive jackpot that offers a life-changing amount of a few million dollars.

RTP in table games is calculated differently. Only the net amount won is calculated, and not the bet amount. In video poker and slots, the original bet is lost. The amount returned is based solely on the RTP of the Paytable and the outcome of each spin.

Hit Frequency Tied Into RTP?

A slot machine’s hit frequency is tied into its RTP. Let’s say two slot machines have the same RTPs of 97%, one with a high hit frequency and the other with a low hit frequency. A slot game with a high hit frequency pays out often, but the cash amounts are smaller.

A slot game with a low hit frequency offers less winning spins, but the cash amounts are larger (medium- to high-variance). Of these two slots, which one is the best to play? This is entirely up to you because it depends on what type of player you are and the size of your bankroll. If you are still new at playing slots, go with the former, while seasoned vets prefer the latter.

Where To Find The Slot Machine’s RTP

Some players still don’t know where to find the RTP information of a slot machine. When you click on the ‘i’ (Paytable), all the necessary information about the game is listed here. As you scroll further down the page, you’ll see the RTP. Providers like RTG and Betsoft don’t always list the RTPs of their online slots in the paytables. Another way to find out a game’s RTP is to do a quick search in Google.


Slots RTP Excluded From Casino Bonuses

Our top USA casinos offer massive Casino Bitcoin bonuses on deposit, sometimes they deliberately exclude our favorite slots because of their high RTPs. Why? Smart players know how to use the bonus to their advantage if the slots has a RTP above 96%.

Now that you know what RTP is and how it is calculated, it’s easy to see why slots developers like Betsoft factor the RTP into their games. No matter which betting strategy you use or how smart you are, each game is designed with one goal in mind. That is to enable the house to win over the long term. This is why bankroll management is crucial and why you should always stop playing once you are ahead.

How RTP Is Calculated Frequently Asked Questions

Is RTP Important?

It is to a degree because it gives you an indication of the game’s volatility and how much money you are risking. After all, you won’t play a high-variance slot machine that has an RTP of 94% with $100 now would you (unless you’re playing it for fun, of course.)
Another important reason why online casinos list the RTPs of their individual casino games is to generate trust with their clients. Players can then decide which online casino offers them the best bang for their buck by just looking at the RTP’s of their games.

Are The RTPs Fair?

This depends at which casino you’re playing at. only associates itself with the most trustworthy Australian online casinos whose games have been certified by independent companies like TST (Technical System Testing) and iTech Labs. They test the random number generators of the games every few months to ensure that their payouts are entirely random and fair.

How Can I Calculate The Accuracy of An RTP?

Actual RTP = The real or actual RTP. This includes the total amount that players have won divided by the total amount the casino accrued on the same slots x 100. Just so you know, the difference between actual RTP and theoretical RTP is enormous.

To best illustrate our point, let’s do the math:

A slot game like Mermaids Pearl is popular at RTG casinos and carries a theoretical RTP of 96.17%. After testing the game for a month, players won a total of $180,000 while the casino took home $250,000. We can now calculate the slot machine’s real or actual RTP:

(180,000)/(210,000) x (100) = 85.7%

The difference between theoretical RTP and the actual RTP is 10.47%. As you can see, the RTG casino makes an added profit of 10.47% more on the game.

Why Do Progressive Jackpot Slots Have Lower RTPs?

The majority of the RTG’s progressive jackpots have RTP’s that range between 92% to 94%. The reason why their RTP’s are lower is that their jackpots are worth millions of dollars. They’re also hooked up to a progressive (continually growing) network of machines.

Every time a specific game is played, a small portion of the player’s bets goes towards this network (or pool.) As a result, it keeps on growing and growing until it is finally hit.