Guide To Slots Variance

slots variance
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Most online casino USA slots players should be aware of slot variance (or volatility). If you’re not, you should know about the impact is has on your bankroll. We have prepared a concise guide to explain the concept of slots variance.

What Is Slot Variance?

Slot variance is how the slot pays out. It’s different from the theoretical RTP, which indicates only how much the slot pays in total. The variance is about what swings and wins you can expect. Generally, there are three levels of slot variances: Low, Medium, and High.

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Low variance slots are for players that like frequent payouts. Even if the large payouts are less. They are great for clearing bonus wagering requirements. Also, when you want to play longer you don’t have to worry about losing your bankroll.

Medium variance slots are somewhere in the middle. They offer regular wins and split pretty evenly between small and larger payouts.

High variance slots are for players who shoot for the large payouts. They don’t offer regular payouts. As such, you can get a long dry spell when you play them. But, if they do pay it can be a life-changing cash prize.

What Is The Difference Between Low and High Variance Slots?

If you can’t find an online slot review for the slot and find what the variance of that slot is that way, you can simply take a look at its paytable and go from there.

Consider how big the regular wins are in proportion to your bet size, what win multipliers you can get, and what jackpots (progressive or not) are on offer. In general, the larger the possible wins are, the higher variance the online slot is.

Realtime Gaming and Betsoft Slot Variances

real money slot machines

RTG and Betsoft are superb slots developers that need to introduction. Some examples of its slots and the variances are:

RTG Slot Variances

Low – Heavenly Treasures, Lucky Rat, Magic Mushroom, Diamond Fiesta

Medium – Shadow Gods

High – Cash Bandits 3, Wild Hog Luau

Betsoft Slot Variances

Low – Total Overdrive

Medium – Yak, Yeti and Roll, Back to Venus, Carnaval Forever, Fruitbat Crazy

High – Bamboo Rush, Spring Tails

How to Find the Loosest Slot Machines

Have you ever hear the term ‘Loose’ slot machines? The word pops up frequently in land-based casinos, they use it to lure players.

What Are Loose And Tight Slots?

Loose slots are popular with players because they often pay out decent wins. Tight slots are the opposite of this. You need to grind hard to get something back, which is naturally not a situation most players enjoy.

Payout Percentages

One of the most important concepts associated with loose slot machines is ‘payout percentages.’ These percentages tell you how much of the total staked sum returns to the players over time in the form of wins.

Back in the day, these percentages were very low, even as low 70% in many casinos. You can get much better deals playing slots online because this is where most real money slots have percentages of about 96%. Ideally, you want this percentage to be as high as possible.

Payout Frequencies

Payout frequencies are also important to you as a player. These frequencies indicate how often you can get a payout. Looser slots come with higher payout frequencies than tight ones.

They might not offer the best deals all the time. For example, slots with high payout frequencies usually don’t come with any jackpots. Shop around for the best payout frequencies.

Tips For Winning Online Slots

Since the mathematics that govern real money slots are intricate. It’s only natural that players have various misconceptions about how they work.

Some players believe that they should play lesser-known games to have a better chance of winning, especially online. In most cases, the developers and online slots casinos don’t discriminate against them.

Many players think the online casinos decide when jackpots payout and are more likely to occur during various promotions. That’s not the case; it doesn’t matter when you play for a win.

As with each spin, the intervals between large wins are just as random. And it’s possible to win top jackpots in subsequent spins. Don’t shy away from a slot simply because it had recently paid out a jackpot. Also, don’t bet everything on a slot that did not pay out for a while (unless it is a progressive jackpot). Random absolutely mean random in the online slots world.