Guide To Online Sportsbetting Systems

sportsbetting sytems
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Online sportsbetting systems are a dime a dozen out there. Sports bettors are always looking at new ways to beat online sportsbooks at their own game. While the majority of the bettors place bets without any betting strategy and hoping for the best, there are those who go about it in a very methodical way. looks at the best online betting systems used in North American sports (Baseball, Basketball, American Football, and Ice Hockey). Next time you place a bet at our Best Sportsbooks with real money using an online betting system, may they stand you in good stead.

A betting system is also known as ‘staking formulas’ since they empower bettors to maximize their winnings by reducing their losses.

Today, online sportsbetting is a multi-billion dollar business where seasoned bettors earn a comfortable living. Unfortunately, it’s only a tiny percentage that really becomes successful at what they do. “Why is that?” you may ask. it’s not because they are using sporstbook promo code bonuses It’s is because they are prepared to learn. They do extensive research about their favorite sport, and they study the various online betting systems. Do this, and you’re already halfway there. We’d also like to alert you to the fact that the majority of the betting systems are folly, and you’ll lose your money if you use them.
Profitability and Sustainability of Sportsbetting

Betting on sports is indeed profitable. Unlike casinos, sports do not have a fixed house edge, and their games are not based on luck. To excel at betting on sports, you must have the necessary skill set to maximize your earning potential. Sportbooks make money by collecting the commission on all the losing bets, this is known as ‘Vig’ or ‘Vigorish.’

Where To Play

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Online Sports Betting Systems

Martingale Betting System

The Martingale betting system is popular with high rollers because it is a progressive system; it keeps growing. If you start with a $50 bet and loose, you’ll have to double your next bet and will persist in doing so until you win. Once you have reached your fifth bet, then you’ve already wagered $800. As you can see, it is risky. But the rewards can be divine. The Martingale betting system favors the bettor with an ‘unlimited’ bankroll. If you use it, we advise extreme caution.

Fixed Amount Betting

This online betting system allows you to place a fixed amount of real money on each bet. If you bet $100, your probability of winning is approximately 55%. The only problem with this betting strategy is that you will lose your entire bankroll over the long haul. The upside, though, is you won’t lose it quickly.

Proportional Betting System

The proportional online betting system is not as risky as the Martingale betting system. As the name implies, a ‘portion’ of your bankroll will be used on every bet. After each win, only increase your bets by the same percentage. If your starting bankroll is $500, then your first bet should be 10% of your bankroll (which is $50.) If you win $150, you’ll add it to your bankroll by calculating 10% from $650, so $65 will is your next bet. Only increase your bets if you win.

Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci betting system is based on a series of numbers that are in sequence. For example, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and so on. Each number equals the sum of the prior two numbers. If the previous two numbers were ‘1’ and ‘2’, the next number would be ‘3’.

Should you start with a $50 bet, which is unit 1, your second bet will also be $50, another unit 1. Your third bet will be $200, which is the sum of the previous 2 units. If you win, you drop down to $50 or 1 unit. It’s just as risky at the Martingale system. However, it reduces the rate at which you win and if you’re on a losing streak. 

D’Alembert Online Betting System

The D’Alembert online betting system is the same as the Martingale, but it is not as aggressive. This system sees you wager 1% to 5% of your bankroll on each bet. If you start with a bankroll of $500 and your first bet is 2%, it will be $10. If you lose your first bet, your next bet will then be $20. On every losing bet, you increase your bet by one unit. If you lose, you decrease it by one unit. It helps you lessen your losses but only to a degree.

Labouchere Online Betting System

The Labouchere strategy states that you must divide your bankroll into equal parts. It’s pretty much like dividing 50 oranges into groups of 5. The idea behind this is to manage your bankroll better and not squander it in a few bets. If your bankroll is $100, you’ll divide it into $20, $15, $20, $10, $20 and $15.

Once you have made your first bet, the cash amount you’ll win must be equal to your first and last bet, which is $35. If you lose your first $35 bet, you’ll disregard the $20 first bet and the $15 last bet. You’ll then add the $35 you’ve lost to the last $15.
For this reason, your next bet will be the $35 you’ve lost, which will be added to your last bet of $15. Your second bet will be $50. If you win, you’ll scratch the first and the last figures, and if you lose, you’ll add your bet to the last figure. If you have a small bankroll, we advise you not to use this system at all.

Insurance Betting System

The Insurance betting system does precisely what it says. If your first bet is $50 and you lose it, you can reduce it with $5 on every losing bet ($45, $40, $35). To a degree, it protects your bankroll, but unfortunately, you won’t win back the money you have lost.

Positive Progression System

The Positive progression system is when you raise your bets on every win. Unfortunately, you will not be able to recover your losses with it. Popular Positive progression systems are Paroli and Parlay. Don’t use them if you are strapped for cash.

Paroli Betting System

The Paroli is also known as ‘even wager betting.’ Your first bet should be 2% of your bankroll. Every time you win, you should double your wager. If you have won 3 times in a row, drop your bet to your original amount.

Parlay Betting System

The Parlay betting system consists of several bets all rolled into one. If you want to win, you must choose the winning team on every bet you make. Essentially you reduce your odds at winning, but if you win, you’ll bag a nice wad of cash.

To conclude. Regrettably, the majority of the online betting systems are highly unstable. Many players continue to lose thousands every day because they are greedy, they don’t employ proper bankroll management, and they don’t have a betting strategy. To be a successful sportsbettor, you must be extremely disciplined, and you must know the sport you are betting on inside out.

Online Betting Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Which Online Betting System Is The Best?

This depends on the type of bettor you are. If you want to go for ‘gold,’ then the Martingale betting system is most probably your best option, albeit risky. Should you rather want to play it safe and win a bit of money, we suggest the Proportional online betting system. Experts believe that bettors who use this strategy will win 55% of their bets. Furthermore, it’s easy to use, and not as volatile as the majority of the betting systems.

If I Keep On Losing What Must I Do?

When you have had 6 or 7 losing bets in a row, never increase your bets to recoup your losses. Decide which betting system you’re going to use and make sure it’s in line with your bankroll. If you have a small budget, don’t use the Martingale, rather use the Proportional betting system instead.

Which Are Progressive Online Sportsbetting Systems?

The Martingale and The Fibonacci betting systems are progressive. If you use either of them as a method to regain your losses, you must double your bets after each losing bet. Long story short, you’ll find yourself in hot water faster than Steve McQueen’s racing car. They are extremely risky and should be used with restraint.