Freeextrachips And The Casino Review Algorithm FRank

The gaming industry has been rocked by Internet gambling. It’s an enjoyable and a time-saving convenience. But beyond all the poker rooms, casinos, portals and play sites; the internet is also a remarkable resource for gamblers. Through it you can learn the ropes, test your skills and gamble to your hearts content. Getting started down the path of online gambling can be a daunting task. There are thousands of places offering gaming, each one touting its own virtual superiority.


About Free Extra Chips

But rather than just coax players into a web of casinos with slick advertising and often biased editorials. There’s one site in particular that understands the delicate nuances of online gaming. If you’re ready to make the leap, FreeExtraChips is wonderful resource to any would-be gambler. This portal has been online for more than a decade and a treasure trove for the latest casino bonuses and industry news. The site is also certified by GPWA and carries the ‘Trusted Affiliate’ seal by Gaffg.


FreeExtraChips Content

One thing that strikes me about the home page of FreeExtraChips, aside that it looks very professional, it focuses primarily on the newest and best online casinos. Each featured internet casino is divided into different categories starting with its bonuses, banking methods, date of release, games and so forth. But it has a unique feature that makes it stand out from the rest. An algorithm called ‘Frank’. It’s the short name for ‘FreeExtraChips Ranking Algorithm’. Without a doubt it is one of the best innovative streaks that independently rates and ranks any web casino we’ve seen to date.


What is FRank

casino ratingsThe previous algorithm dubbed F-Ranker-Beta (2007-2015) evolved into FRank. The team at FreeExtraChips went live with its new algorithm on October 19, 2015. When a casino is reviewed, all the information about the site is added manually. FRank then assesses it and a calculation is made. This is where it becomes interesting and quite complicated to be honest. All the information about the online casino is reviewed holistically. Its game library, software used, licensing and even the age of the casino. Upon completion of the calculation, a fact value known as ”Facts Val” comes into play.

To give you an example. If the casino only employs one software, has limited banking methods and one language. The facts value of the casino will be smaller than one with multiple vendors, loads of banking options and several languages. Each operator is evaluated individually. It’s refreshing to see that the site uses licensing as a yardstick too.

The Facts Value of the casino increases if the operator is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or AAMS (Italy licensing). Other methods that increases a site’s Fact Value are the amount of games that can be played (download, instant play, mobile or live casinos), currencies and restricted countries. Frank is completely transparent and cannot be altered. Each online casino carries its own algorithm and stored in a separate database. Another interesting fact about FRank is that it’s updated every 8 hours.


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Player Reviews

The buck doesn’t stop here. Once the new casino is live and a player shared his or her gaming experience at the site, the comment is up for moderation. If it’s published, FRank separately calculates the review and then assigns it a new score.


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FreeExtraChips’ primary objective is to offer its players the best online casinos backed by a unique algorithm. Its reviews are unbiased and a specialty portal in more ways than one. The site operates completely independent and fully understands the delicate nature of what it means to survive and thrive in a very delicate market place.