Favorites For The MLB Playoffs

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The Major League Baseball season has been long, and there have been many highs and lows.

But, with 162 games played, 12 teams have their eye on the prize. The finals are in November when the winning team will lift the Commissioners Trophy to seal the deal.

This year debuts a new format for the MLB playoffs. The top 2 teams from both leagues, the National and American, will get first-round byes.

Then, the other teams slug it out over three games each to get a Wild Card. This is where the entertainment lies.

These teams will play their hearts out, so spectators are guaranteed great action and entertainment.

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Who Is On Top?

Last year’s winners and reigning champion, Houston Astros, sit in the second position at +380. Is this surprising?

It’s hard to say as leaders on the board, Los Angeles Dodgers, with +300, have had a spectacular outing this season over the last 162 rounds.

It’s a hard call and maybe one that you’ll only confirm in the finals.

But that is not a foregone conclusion, as a few contenders are bubbling under in the ranks that will be looking to lift the Cup.

It’s going to be a tough contest to dethrone the Houston Astros, but one thing for sure is the remaining contenders are going to give it their all to become the 2022 World Series champs.

The Current Standings

mlb favorites

What Bets Are Hot Right Now?

As the baseball playoffs are in progress, we have already seen the Mariners beat the Blue Jays; the Padres absolutely smash the Mets.

At the same time, the Phillies and the Guardians bet the Cardinals and the Rays, respectively, by a much narrower margin.

The gameplay looks set to go forward throughout the weekend and into the next few weeks culminating in the big game on November 5, 2022.

Houston Astros

Looking back over the season, the Houston Astros have certainly looked the strongest on game day.

The fact that they are not sitting at the top of the log is mildly surprising. Their stability is unmatched by the other teams.

That could stand them in good stead to take the Cup for the fourth time over the last six.

Their strikeout percentage is extremely low at 19.5%, and their pitching staff team has the lowest WHIP and ERA in the American League.

Atlanta Braves

You may wonder why we didn’t select the Dodgers as our next favorite.

The answer is simple. The Braves have had a stellar season so far; some may say their best performance ever.

As a result, many predict that they will be the winners of the National League, leaving the Dodgers in the bleachers.

It has been a challenging road with a clear path to victory. The team has faced multiple injuries, and the season’s beginning was not plain sailing for them.

Nevertheless, they have done well to get to odds of 6 -1 to win the World Series.


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Types of Bets To Use For MLB Playoffs

Bettors can place several bet types to make the most of the MLB playoffs.

Moneyline Wagers

Moneyline wagers are the easiest to understand because most bettors use them.

Like in other sporting showdowns, using a Moneyline bet means betting on the team you think will come out on top.

Simple odds apply, and bets will get paid according to that.

Betting The Run Line

This is the most essentially spread betting. Spread betting means that bookies, specifically online, even the playing field.

They do this by adding and taking away points to make a bet fairer and more interesting for the punter. This way, betters will place bets based on which team they believe will cover the spread.

Play Off Over/Under

The play-off/over/under bet of more skill than just prediction. While betting on outcomes, which is essentially a prediction, the skill is assessing the circumstance.

Things like pitch condition, injury or player psyche, and team lineup. These are all things you can consider to make good betting decisions.

Post-Season Player Props

Everyone has their favorite player, but who is actually performing and going to make the punter some money?

With props betting the options are endless. Moreover, it includes who gets the most home runs during the series, or most strikeouts, home runs, and the list goes on. But this is what adds the magic to MLB playoffs.

Bet On MLB Playoffs

While we have highlighted just a few of the top betting options, there are many more, including World Series Futures, Top 5 Innings, and live betting.

The most important thing is to start betting and choose a top-class online sportsbook. Visit sportbookcasinos.com to find your betting partner.