Don’t Do This When You Play Slots

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As online slots experts, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes. Many online casino guides just focus on the good stuff instead of mentioning they don’t do these things.

Next time you play slots for real money online, don’t make these mistakes. If you can avoid them, you’ll be a better slot player and you’ll win more money.

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Next Time You Play Online Slots Avoid These Mistakes

1. Don’t Play at Shoddy Gambling Sites

It so happens that players click on an email from an online casino they find in their spam folder. They’ve heard about online gambling and maybe it wasn’t just a mere coincidence. It’s fate!

They click on the link and bam a brand new online casino greets them. The banners are flashing, and it’s bright lights all over the place.

They contact live support which offers them a whopper of a bonus. Since they’re newbies they don’t bother to read the bonus terms. Let’s say the deal is a match bonus of 500% up to $5,000.

They jump straight in and deposit the maximum. They’re having fun and winning, suddenly a note pops up that says they disregarded the casino’s bonus terms.

Long story short, that friendly live chat agent that gave those players the bonus turns into a she-devil. The casino pulls a fast one with their money, and they never hear from them again.


Do Your Research

You’ll notice that we mentioned “them” and not you. Shoddy online gambling sites fleece many players with their slots bonuses.

The larger the match bonus the bigger the amount they can steal. The moral of the story is to do a search in Google before you sign up at an online casino.

More importantly, if you find an email from an online casino in your spam folder, delete it!

Only play slots at the best online casinos for Americans. They’ll never dupe you and their games are legit.

2. Don’t Play with a Big Slots Bonus

This one also ties in with the first ‘don’t play at shoddy gambling sites’. A bigger bonus to play slots is not necessarily a better bonus.

Some bonus offers are top-heavy. In other words, it’s difficult to clear the wagering requirements attached to them.

Check the bonus terms before you play slots for real money with it. If you’re still a noob at playing slots. Read this article, this is how you play slots online.

3. Don’t Play Volatile Slots with a Small Bankroll

There’s an old saying that says fools rush in where fools have been before. The same applies to playing slots online.

It so happens that players play volatile slots with a small bankroll. They believe that since it’s more volatile the wins will be bigger, right?

Yes, and no. You can land a win of 50x the stake on a single spin but it’s unlikely. For the most part, you must burn a large portion of your bankroll before you’ll see a big win.

Many software providers include their ‘big win stats’ when they release a new slot machine. For example, mega big wins occur on every 800th spin, or so.

Can you see why you must not play volatile slots with a small bankroll? That’s the “no” bit by the way.

If you’re a player that likes to play online slots for fun stick to low-variance games.

4. Don’t Listen to a Buddy’s Advice

We all have that one friend who’s that “Mr. Know it All”. He won thousands of dollars at an online casino with a $1 bet and now he’s a gambling expert.

He keeps on pestering you to play ‘that slot’ because of his massive win. So, you think, if Dave can do it so can I.

You sign up at the same online casino and play the same slot with the same budget. Oh, and Dave is there to cheer you on and for moral support.

Instead of winning thousands, you lose thousands. The slot gobbled up your initial bankroll and Dave encouraged you to bet more and more.

Soon you find yourself in a dark hole and you’re beginning to hyperventilate. Don’t ever listen to a buddy’s advice especially when it comes to gambling.

Slots are games of chance and are based purely on luck. Take yourself and your bankroll and run for the hills!

5. Don’t Use the Wrong Banking Method When You Play Slots

You play your favorite slot like RTG’s Achilles Deluxe, and lo and behold you manage a nice win. RealTime Gaming also packs it in with plenty of free spins and progressive jackpots.

Instead of using Bitcoin to withdraw your online slot winnings the same day, you use a check. Checks withdrawals are expensive and it takes up to 18 days before you receive your money.

Always visit the Cashier of an online gambling site to see the banking options it covers. If they don’t have the option you like don’t play at the site.

Final Word

Playing slots online is what you make of it. Narrow down the risks by picking any of our legit online casinos. They’ll always give you a fair shake when you play slots for real money.

Finally, don’t sign up at an online casino just because it has a flashy website and the bonuses are huge. Due your due diligence first and only then sign up.