Casino Bonuses and Promotions – Top 5 Rookie Mistakes

casino bonuses
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Casino bonuses and casino promotions allow players to get plenty of extra cash. Be it welcome bonuses or reload bonuses, you should use as many of them as possible.

However, there’s so much going on that it’s easy to make a bonus mistake. If you’re a rookie, you might not know what to look for in a bonus.

We’ve learned a lot from the mistakes we made. Or call them learning experiences, if you will. The bottom line is that we didn’t always use the bonus opportunities the best USA casinos online offered us.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 rookie bonus and promotions mistakes. And, how to avoid them when you play casino games with real money.

1. Picking the Wrong Casino Bonus

Before opening an account, there are plenty of bonuses you can choose from. Just look at how many USA casinos online there are. Some of them even allow you to pick from more than one welcome bonus.

There are big differences between the offers, though. That means you need to be extra careful when you make a decision.

What’s the minimum deposit and how much you’ll get in bonus cash. 100% of your deposit is the baseline value, but the top 10 casinos online offer a bit more.

Some of the best go way higher, even as much as 500%. However, it’s not a given that you’ll get the bonus even if you deposit the minimum.

Some casinos require players to deposit through a certain method to qualify. Make sure that you can do that since you won’t get anything at all otherwise.

If you have a substantial bankroll, you also need to see what the max amount is. Never deposit more than the actual bonus is worth.

You won’t get extra cash anyway. In short, go for the casino bonus that suits your pocket and play style the best.

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2. Playing the Wrong Real Money Casino Games

Casino games contribute differently towards bonus wagering requirements. That means it’s better to play some games than others with a bonus. Especially if you want to clear the bonus quickly without losing much money.

Online slots work the best and they contribute the most too. We recommend you play low variance and medium variance slots for the ideal results. They pay often, have high RTPs, and offer all kinds of betting options, too.

Remember, table and card games contribute less. For many casino bonuses and casino promotions, live dealer games don’t contribute at all. We’ve learned that the hard way when we started our casino journey. We took a bonus and spent a nice evening playing blackjack.

We then went on to check how many of the requirements we’ve completed so far. To our surprise, they haven’t moved an inch, since the games weren’t eligible at all!

It’s easy to avoid this mistake if you’re aware of it, but unsuspecting players can walk right into this trap. Never use a bonus to play a table unless it’s a bonus specifically for blackjack.


3. Not Using the Right Bonus Code

Many casino bonuses require a bonus code along with a qualifying deposit. When you enter the wrong bonus code. The casino won’t credit the bonus to your deposit.

In other words, you’ll have to make another deposit to get the casino bonus you want. Chances are that you won’t have that amount on you at that point already.

You’ll have to withdraw your money back, which can take a long time. We remember making this mistake once. As such we had to spend a week before we could use the casino bonus we wanted!

4. Not Reading Terms and Conditions

Another thing is that you always need to understand the terms and conditions of the given bonus thoroughly. That way, you’ll avoid any bonus traps.

Check The Wagering Requirements

This includes knowing what the bonus wagering requirements are, for one. Which games qualify for them and which don’t. If there are any winnings limits, what are the max bets for each game, and so on.

It’s not fun reading the fine print for sure, but avoiding it can lead to some grim realizations. Remember, if you’re unsure, just get in touch with the casino’s customer support.

The safest casinos online help you with e-mail, phone, or even live chat!

5. Playing Without a Casino Bonus

The final and also the silliest mistake is playing without a casino bonus.

Depending on the casino game, its volatility, and the size of the bonus. You should never play without a bonus. If that means you have to switch to a different USA casino, then do it.

Moreover, a bonus is plenty of extra money and it gives your bankroll a hefty boost.

Final Word

Casino bonuses can net you thousands of dollars in bonus cash right away. Even more, if you do some bonus hopping. In other words, it’s always a good idea to play with one active.

The key is to get the most out of them and to avoid the most common rookie mistakes. That shouldn’t be a problem anymore if you’ve read this article!