Can the Vegas Golden Knights Get Jack Eichel?

jack eichel
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It’s a public secret, the Vegas Golden Knights are looking to strengthen their line-up.

The impetus should be provided by Jack Eichel. Besides, the 25-year old star centre that’s recently been on bad terms with his team, the Buffalo Sabres.

Despite leading the Sabres to many wins. He and the team have conflicting views on how to handle his medical situation. Eichel is currently suffering from a herniated disc in his neck. Needless to say, he’ll need surgery to rectify it.

Taking his current situation into consideration, it could bring a massive pay-off in the future. As of now, the Vegas Golden Knights are at +900 to win the Stanley Cup with MyBookie; one of the top USA online sportsbooks.

To be honest they’ve been doing pretty okay. Moreover, something is still missing for them. That’s to say if they want to have a shot at the coveted Stanley Cup.

The Vegas Golden Knights will allegedly let him choose the procedure he wants in case of a deal. The main issue now is for the team to figure out the right price.

The Golden Knights are already hitting the cap. It’s still unclear which deal is on the cards right now, but anything is possible.

The time is running out, hopefully, we’ll have news on the developments soon. As of now, the most talked-about deal is that.

In return, the Sabres would get a draft pick and a number of players. For now, the Golden Knights would have to give up on a lot to secure Jack Eichel.