Betting on the 2020 American Presidential Election

betting on the 2020 presidential elections

Online Betting Sites are having a field day with what is promising to be the most interesting and fun political process of events and outcomes we’ve seen in a long time. You don’t have to be a political aficionado to have your say and perhaps if you’re prepared to wager some money on who will be the next American president in 2020; win some money on all the exciting stages of this race.

Bet On The Presidential Election

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Real Time Blow-By-Blow Newsfeeds

Betting on the outcome of the American Presidential elections has been done for more than 80 years, and today it is more entertaining than most “sporting” events. With news outlets continuously spewing out the latest of who said what, the odds increase and decrease daily.

The platform for each runner’s talking points as well as the saucy bits are in your face every day, bettors now have more information than ever to bet in terms of reality. Never before has bettors have had more fun than this coming race to the polls, with the current president being such an entertaining persona; albeit with an impeachment hanging over his head.

Stages Of The Election

The build up to the final result is not as simple of going to the polls in November 2020, because there are stages to the ultimate result. This is like a wet dream for bookies.

The American Presidential Election campaign stages are shortly summarised below, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the sportsbookies will make it interesting by offering odds for each step and then some!

Primary Election: The two chief parties (Republican and Democrats) chose their candidates for president. The candidates scurry around for delegates in caucuses and state primaries to win the official nomination for their party. In between there are volunteers running about or phoning voters doing polling to best establish where the candidates stand in terms of approval ratings.

These candidates then chose a running mate (for their might-be Vice President).

These duo’s then start with their campaigns across the USA to gain support from voters. This national campaign runs with each opposing party’s elected running-duo.

While these campaigns are ongoing, they have three debates (usually in a professional manner) on live television. This is like a verbal boxing match or sort and can become very amusing and interesting.

Election Day: All eligible voters then go out to the polls where the voting process is electronic. This means that the results are known at the end of a very long day for the candidates and their teams. Your television screen will show you the states won by indicating blue (Democrats) and red (Republicans).

The winner of the election is then known as the incumbent until he or she is inaugurated 2 months later.

presidential election betting odds

Best Bookie Sites For Betting On The US Presidential Election Process

Sportsbetting sites usually indicate which political betting options and odds are in place in their “Other Sports” section. Visit these links to access the tables at any of our Best Online Sports Betting Sites 2019:

  1. Bovada: Not only does Bovada give new bettors a massive bonus on deposit, the operator also gives you ample opportunity to bet on who the next president of the Unites States will be in 2020. So, if Trump has your vote start betting on him now!
  2. MyBookie: Currently the biggest sportsbook for players from the Unites States, MyBookie covers all the best sports that’s currently available to U.S customers. Newbies get a massive bonus on deposit, as they play they earn comp and rebates on their losses. Plus, the site covers bets on entertainment and politics. So, if you fancy Trump to walk away with all the spoils in 2020, don’t be shy to have your say.