Basic Sports Betting Strategies



With the start of college football and the NFL close at hand, now is no better time than to prepare yourself for the tons of Saturday and Sunday games that will put money in your pocket if you keep things simple when it comes to handicapping a game.

One can simply walk into any sportsbook in Las Vegas and ask any bettor what their secret is when it comes to winning… and you can be sure to receive many different answers because every sports bettor has their own tips and strategy when it comes to laying down a wager and producing a winner. And, while every bettor has their own style, it doesn’t mean they will work for you.

Whether you are an expert when it comes to sports betting or a casual player or even new to the world of betting and sportsbooks, it is important to understand two key strategies; find what betting system works for you the best and stay true to it over the long run and when dealing with an initial betting slump… don’t change strategies. Understand that sports and sports betting are similar in the sense that there will always be hot streaks and slumps along the way.

Any successful bettor knows that staying consistent is the biggest key to winning against the sportsbooks. Losing a wager cannot be avoided and part of the game so don’t get discouraged when you encounter a slump.

Here are some betting strategies that will work for any sport that if followed can give you an edge when going up against the sportsbooks:


FADING the PUBLIC– The term “fading” the public means to bet against the majority consensus of the general public, which when it comes to the NFL for example is huge due to its popularity and still remains the king of sports in the USA.

The sportsbooks know how much of an impact the public has when it comes to football and while they already know which teams the public will be heavy on for betting, they have prepared themselves with adjusting the odds as the game draws closer in order to get bettors to go the other way; this is called giving “sharps” an opportunity to bet the other side.

More often than not, the public is wrong on a game as they will tend to favor what they think the bettor team is regardless; this could be because one of the teams is more popular or getting a lot of media coverage going into the game. It’s up to you to handicap the game and go with your instinct; forget about the hype surrounding a particular team and stay true to your own handicapping strategy.


Be a Handicapper All Year Long: There is nothing more valuable than “being in the know” when it comes to following the news and inside info on teams… not just during the season, but all throughout the year as there may be some key personnel changes such as a star player needing surgery, being traded or simply moving to another team due to free agency. Was there a change in the coaching staff? What is the makeup of a team’s roster from the previous season? There are many variables that can impact a team’s chemistry and success going into the new season in any sport, so it’s important to gain as much information as needed to help prepare yourself when it’s time to bet. And in today’s information age, there is nothing greater and more valuable than being connected on social media where getting the inside scoop is right at your fingertips on a moments notice.


Be a One Sport Expert: With so many different sports and teams to bet on, it can be a mental grind to try to stay atop with everything going on? Some of the most successful handicappers and bettors I have met in the industry are experts in a particular sport; some are great at knowing all about tennis, soccer and even women’s basketball… not just the most popular sports. They simply focus all their attention on that one sport and not try to spread themselves thin, so why not take the same approach and roll with your favorite sport? Remember, sportsbooks and oddsmakers make a living on losers not knowing what they’re doing, so try to gain any competitive edge you can get against them and see your sports betting bankroll grow in the process.

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