Are Online Slots Better Than Classic Slot Machines?

online slots real money at the casino
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Online slots are by far the most popular real money casino games. No surprises there, as they bring so much to the table.

They are more varied than table and card games, for one. There’s a new online slot almost every single day in the industry. Compare that to classic casino games and it’s not even a contest.

But how do online slots fare against their traditional counterparts? In other words, are online slots better than classic slot machines? You know, the type that you find in land-based casinos. In Las Vegas, Reno, or even in your local city?

In this article, we take a closer look to see is online slots are the best.

The Many Advantages of Online Slots

  • Better Variety

There are literally thousands of online slots available at online USA casinos. With different themes, great graphics, bonuses, and so on. Moreover, slot studios release new slots for real money regularly.

Compare that with slot machines, which casinos change only every now and then. No wonder adding a new online slot is so much easier than installing a new slot machine!

  • Better Accessibility

All online slots are available 24/7, so you can play them whenever you want. Even better, you can also play them wherever you are. That’s because you can enjoy online slots as mobile slots on your mobile devices. All the best USA casinos online have that functionality, so it’s by no means hard to get to.

  • More Bonus Rounds

While classic slot machines often offer only the basic gameplay loop, slots online contain plenty of fun bonus rounds. Free spins, respins, Hold and Win Feature, and more. You can get plenty of interactivity, which means entertainment and adrenaline!

  • Bigger Jackpots

Online slots offer big jackpots to players. Setting progressive jackpots aside, you can win upwards to 50,000x your stake in a spin in many games. The average payouts tend to be better, especially in high variance slots online.

  • Better RTPs

Online slots also tend to have better theoretical RTPs than classic slots. The industry par is 96% and many slots go above that, too. In comparison, classic slot machines can often be even below 94% with their payouts!

What Can Classic Slot Machines Offer?

Classic slot machines offer you the basic experience. You sit in front of a big slot game with buttons to press and chips to insert. It’s a more hands-on experience for sure, something that many players enjoy.

They can be harder to understand with little to no info available. You can’t just click on the paytable icon to learn everything. Classic slots do have Paytables or Help Screen but they’re very basic. Here you’ll find all the info you need to know about the classic slot.

Playing Online Slots at Online Casinos

Playing at online casinos is quick and easy. Registering an account at an online casino only takes a few minutes. You then only have to make a deposit and start playing.

You’ll have all the online slots at your fingertips, literally so. You can swap between them easily and even play them with free online credits at the casino. That gives you a chance to test the online slot without risking any of your cash.

If you already have an account at one of our best USA sportsbooks. You don’t have to do anything at all! Those sportsbooks have their online casino sections that you can get to in a click or two!

Playing Classic Slot Machines at Land-Based Casinos

When playing a classic slot machine at a land-based casino, you can enjoy the social aspect of it all. You can meet interesting people, chat with them, and even grab a drink or a meal.

The comfort of it all pleases many casino fans. Moreover, it’s better than sitting at home, playing a game on your computer.

The land-based casino also hands out some extras if you’re loyal. It’s not too hard to get free drinks and refreshments, for example. On the flip side, land-based casinos aren’t typically open 24/7. Also, depending on where you live, they can be quite a hassle to get to!

Final Word

Online slots have many advantages over classic slot machines. There are way more of them, they are more varied, more colorful, and come with many more bonus rounds. Also, online casinos offer way more perks such as bonuses and promotions than land-based casinos.

That allows online casino players to take advantage of plenty of extra money. To get into the fun, sign up at one of our top USA casinos online and start playing! You can even play many top online slots at our best USA sportsbooks online, so no reason to swap!

Online Slots Better than Classic Slot Machines FAQs

What’s the difference between online slots and classic slot machines?

Online slots are slots that you can play at online casinos. Dozens of different slot studios design and develop slots online. This includes games from Betsoft and RTG (Realtime Gaming). Classic slot machines appear in land casinos or traditional casinos. They come in many shapes and sizes and only a few developers supply them.

Are online slots better?

In most ways, yes. They offer more bonus rounds, better production values, and even bigger jackpots most of the time. You can also play them 24/7 wherever you are, thanks to mobile casinos. That’s something that will never be available for classic slot machines.

What are the advantages of online slots?

We’ve listed them all above and they are plentiful. There are more online slots! You can play a new slot machine every time you log into your online casino account. There’s more variety, more bonus rounds, and even better payouts in general. Higher RTPs are also in play, so that’s another point for online slots in general.

Are there any advantages of classic slot machines?

Fans enjoy the social aspect of classic casinos, but that’s as far as it goes. It’s great to have some fun in an actual casino, chat with other people, etc. You can also get a meal while you’re at it in comfort. Online casinos don’t offer that, of course.

How about casino promotions and casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses and promotions are in favour of online slots. That’s because online casinos offer so much more to loyal players.

You can start with deposit bonuses and then move to reload bonuses and loyalty programs. Land-based casinos have comp points and free drinks, but nothing more for low rollers. They can only match online casinos for the biggest spenders!

Where can you play the best online slots?

You can play the best online slots at our legit USA casinos online. They offer hundreds of great casino games, big welcome bonuses, and way more. You can even get your money in and out quickly. Thanks to Bitcoin payments, there are no fees and long waiting times anymore!